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    How To Plan Your Divorce On Pinterest In 17 Steps

    It's not just for weddings anymore, you guys!

    1. Head upstairs to your divorce lawyer's office.

    2. Find a pen and sign those papers!

    3. Tell your lawyer you're never calling him again. You're free!

    4. Clean off that one dude on your back window.

    Then hop in the car.

    5. Buy your ex a parting gift.

    Don't forget the note!

    6. Go pick up all your best friends.

    7. Put on your best jewelry.


    8. Invite everyone you know.

    9. Make sure to have really good cake.

    You could keep it classy.

    Or not so subtle.

    Just be really honest about your feelings.

    Ok, this is just inappropriate.

    10. Then #trashthedress.


    It's a thing!

    11. For the ceremony, cut that ring in half!

    12. Or lay it to rest.

    13. Make sure the lights are up.

    14. You're gonna need a lot of wine.

    No, seriously. Lots of wine.

    15. Don't mix up your drinks!

    16. Get wild all night!

    17. And don't forget to take out the trash!

    So, now you know the answer to this question!

    Yes. They will.

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