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    BuzzFeed And Pinterest: Better Together

    Sharing and saving BuzzFeed posts on Pinterest just got a lot easier. In it to pin it.

    We are so excited that the Pinterest community has embraced BuzzFeed content — from list posts, recipes, DIY ideas, humor to articles — and so we're even more thrilled to be working with Pinterest on their new facelift.

    Starting today and rolling out over the next few weeks, if you see a BuzzFeed article that you want to share or read later, you'll see all the pertinent information in the pin.

    This inspiring story was shared on Pinterest thousands of times.

    And this is how it will now appear on Pinterest.

    It'll also be much easier to find BuzzFeed on Pinterest now! Every page on the site will have a "Follow us on Pinterest" button.

    BuzzFeed content is built for sharing so we hope this will help you be able to share an save BuzzFeed articles on Pinterest even easier.

    You can find lots more info here!

    Happy pinning!

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