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32 Signs You're Addicted To Pinterest

Takes one to know one.

1. All lamps in your house have been replaced by mason jars.

2. You know eggs look best inside pretty peppers.

3. You would never eat your corn ON the cob.

4. You "die" a lot.

5. You tend to feel insecure about your ideas.

6. You only wear your hair in a sock bun.

7. Or unusual asymmetrical braids.

8. Or side-of-the-head braids.

9. You will definitely get married in a barn.

10. Your bridesmaids dresses will be varying shades of nude.

11. You really want to go to Paris.

Preferably with balloons.

12. Or Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera.

13. Balloons will announce your child's gender.

14. If it's a girl, she will wear only pillowcase dresses.

15. And birthday cakes will be rainbow.

16. You WILL have rainbow stairs.

17. The only reason you own crayons is to melt them.

18. You really love chevron.

For walls.

19. For shower curtains.

20. As nail art.

21. On furniture.

22. And cakes.


23. Seriously, I get it. Chevron is awesome — especially on throw pillows.

24. You never lose your bobby pins.

25. You can make a mean sticky bun.

26. You know sprinkles go best with cocktails.

27. You only eat apple pie out of apples.

28. And use pumpkins instead of ice buckets.

29. Your cookies are always bowls.

30. And your cupcakes are always inside ice cream cones.

31. And finally, you might be addicted to Pinterest if you dream of a huge closet....

32. But you don't buy, you DIY.