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36 Gifs For The 36 Years Of Chris Pratt

It's our favorite dinosaur taming, office destroying, jokester's special day. So happy day of birth, Dino Kid.

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Have you heard?

It's only the most important day of the year.

It was 36 years ago today that the universe was graced with Chris Pratt's presence.

Not only is he one beautiful human to look at...

But also he is known for his goofy side.

He also tells it as it is.

Which means he isn't afraid to show his sensitive side.

Or put a few dinosaurs in their place.

And look at that beautiful mind at work.

He relates to all of the people.

And he isn't afraid of giving out original compliments.

Have you heard anyone else describe weight loss in a better, more realistic way?

But no matter his size, he is adorable and I would husband that up like it's no one's business.

But the love he has for his beautiful wife, you know just casually Anna Faris, is just one more thing we love about him.

And she knows she is one lucky chick.

And despite their differences...

They have one beautiful family.

See, Chris Evans agrees.

I mean imagine having this as a father.

He can put a positive spin on anything.

His presence just brightens every screen he finds himself on.

And he makes us jealous of things like a black circle.

Or this head of hair.

Or a few specific felines.

I mean he just has a way of words.

But stays modest through it all.

He love all of his characters, like Andy.

Who marches to the beat of his own drum.

Or the jaw-dropping Owen. I mean just look at those eyebrows.

But through it all, he stays true to himself.

A fine, witty, beautiful gentleman.

Is it to be your best friend because the answer will always be yes.

Let your birthday be full of laughs and awesome dance moves.

Maybe even another flower shower.

You deserve it.

Thanks in advance for bringing us another year of happiness.

Now go spread your cheer and overall greatness.

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