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    • ashleyjamesp

      Which generation you belong to is not determined by what you recognise or associate with. If you were born between 1982 and 2002 you’re Gen Y (though there are some sources that suggest it starting 1981, others 1983, but generally 1982 is the common cut off if not exclusive, so someone born 1981- 1983 could argue to be either generation X or Y. Ditto someone born 2001-2003 could argue to be Gen Y or Gen Z).  These generational descriptors relate back to the generation that was killed during WW1, since them - The Lost Generation - we have marked every 20 year group as being a “generation”. Though this isn’t always the case as I’m 31 and this technically puts me in the same generation as 12 year olds which seems odd. Its not an exact science, like the pirate code its more like guidelines when it comes to start / end dates. But if you’re born between 1985 and 2000 you are DEFINITELY Gen Y. Either side there is some debate, but as I said, generally its around 1982- 2002 for Gen Y. A useful source, but of course its always advisable to only use Wiki as a starting point, is here:

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