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    17 Indie Authors You Need To Read In October

    In honor of Halloween and Indie Author Day, here are 17 releases from indie urban fantasy and paranormal romance authors!

    1. Unus by Raven Whitney

    Struggling barista Constance Flynn is barely hanging on: she's up to her eyeballs in debt, her mother is dying, and she just lost her pet rabbit. But she keeps the promise she made to her best friend, Lexie, for a shopping trip. For the cost of a cup of coffee, she buys the pretty wooden box she can't take her eyes off of. Inside the box is a dazzling bracelet with colorful gemstones. Once on, it won't come off. She doesn't think anything of it until Lexie is abducted. The mysterious kidnapper wants only one thing in return – Constance, the stone mage.

    Available for pre-order now (release October 11) at Amazon for $0.99

    2. A Dragon's Destiny by Tina Glasneck


    Curses are destined to be broken…

    In this the first of the Dragons series, time travel and fantasy are weaved together in a fast-paced, funny yet emotional romance that tells the story of Jaz, a fish out of water in the real world, who discovers that she is actually a dragon who must seek her true destiny in another, parallel place. There she discovers that Erich, the man she secretly lusts after in real time, is the Dark Knight, ruthlessly extinguishing the ancient Norse religion in an emerging Christian world. Is he the beloved Jaz is tasked to find in order to release her dragon heart?

    Available for pre-order now (release October 25) at Books2Read for $0.99

    3. Chasing Rabbits by Erin Bedford


    Alice was wrong – Wonderland wasn’t so wonderful after all.

    Kat never expected to be back in her hometown, but when house sitting turns into a mad rabbit chase, Kat finds herself with a whole new set of problems.

    A two headed bird with a Game of Thrones obsession, a party full of tea addicts, and a Cheshire Cat who could seduce the pants off her grandma? And if the citizens weren’t bad enough their prince was off his rocker.

    This wasn’t your run of the mill Wonderland. This was the Fae world, where rules are rules, and some things are exactly as they seem.

    Available now at Amazon for $0.99

    4. Passion of Sleepy Hollow by Lexi Post


    PASSION OF SLEEPY HOLLOW When present day headless horseman Braeden Van Brunt meets the original Katrina Van Tassel, he cannot resist her pull on his heart, but her own heart may still be with his look-alike ancestor. How can he love a woman living in a different time period and put the past to rest, especially when the dead don’t rest in Sleepy Hollow?

    PASSION OF SLEEPY HOLLOW Hot, sexy paranormal romance! To keep the woman he loves, he must put her past to rest. But the dead don’t rest in Sleepy Hollow.

    Available now at Amazon for $3.99

    5. The Earthborn by CJ Flynn


    A thousand years of legend can unravel with the pull of a single thread…

    When Benjamin Elridge goes missing, Allie Stuart’s supernatural talents are tempered by the dark magic of a mysterious witch. As she searches for him, alliances are built and broken, and only true loyalty keeps her alive.

    THE EARTHBORN, the final installment of Mythos of Cimme, follows Allie on her pursuit across Europe. Amidst the birth of a new vampire court and an internal struggle amongst the most powerful witches in the world, she fights to save both Ben’s life and her own. Will knowledge of the past change the course of history? Can Allie unravel thousands of years’ of legends to reverse Ben’s fate?

    Available now at Amazon for $4.99

    6. The Devil's Daughter by Jill Cooper


    The beauty of an Angel. The Heart of the Devil. A war is about to be waged for her soul. Can love prove to be the one virtue that Lucifer cannot master?

    Reckless. Impetuous and arrogant. Amara is Lucifer's daughter in every way. In the high court of hell, no one has captured more angels than she has. But she has never felt anything for them. Not until him.

    The high counsel of Heaven sent their mightiest warrior, Cathal, to kill Amara and snuff out the danger she presents. But her beauty causes him pause. He senses the tremble. A flicker of goodness buried deep inside of her.

    If Cathal can kindle the spark and allow that goodness to grow, he can save her from herself and from inheriting the flame of hell.

    Get caught up in a whirlwind forbidden. Victorian style romance that features intense gladiator battles, regal parties, and a dangerous physical attraction.

    Available now at Amazon for $0.99

    7. Fated and Forbidden Boxset

    Via Facebook: alkesslerauthor

    Books by Danielle Annett, Tom Shutt, Dina M Given, E.J. Whitmer, Amy Stearman, A.L. Kessler, Frances Pauli, Siana Wineland, M.S. Dobing, and Rebecca Norinne

    Ten heroes and heroines are up against unknown forces of darkness—good thing they all have supernatural skills and abilities—it's just too bad that not all of them are sure what to do with them yet. Powerful allies are hard to come by and lines are blurred when it becomes difficult to tell friend from foe. Delve in to ten unique worlds full of vampires, witches, mages, dream-stalkers, fallen deities, monsters and even super heroes! Supernatural skills may be enough to save them... but only if they can figure out how to wield them in time.

    Available now at Amazon for $0.99

    8. Blood Ice & Oak Moon: A Coon Hollow Coven Tale by Marsha A. Moore


    Esme Underhill is about to discover a darkness hidden inside her that could destroy her chance for independence and possibly kill her.

    Esme's mother took her young daughter away from Southern Indiana's Coon Hollow Coven to prevent her from learning about the unusual witchcraft she had inherited. When Esme is twenty-seven, her beloved Grammy Flora passes away and leaves her property in the Hollow to her granddaughter. With this opportunity to remake her life and gain independence, Esme attempts to emulate Grammy Flora as a wildwood mystic who relies on the hedge world of faeries to locate healing herbs. But fae are shrewd traders. When they open their world to her, she must meet the unknown malevolence of her birthright.

    Thayne, the handsome king of the fae Winter Court, faces his own struggle to establish autonomy as a new regent. He is swept into the tempest of Esme's unfolding powers, a dangerous threat to his court. His sworn duty is to protect his people, despite Esme's beauty and allure, which tear at his resolve.

    Both Esme's and Thayne's dreams of personal freedom are lost…unless they can trust each other and overcome surmounting dangers.


    Available now at Amazon for $2.99

    9. Tempted by the Gargoyle by Lisa Carlisle


    Meet your perfect match this Saturday night—or your perfect match for the night.

    The eclipse of the red Supermoon sends crowds into Boston for an evening hyped up for a night of passion, one not to be missed. Boston police officer Larissa Riley wants nothing to do with the media-driven event, but her friend convinces her they need a night out after all they've gone through. They visit a new gothic-themed club where Larissa is disturbed by the attractive stranger eying her.

    Roman, a gargoyle shifter and commander of the Stone Sentries, patrols from the rooftop of a club on the night of the eclipse. The Supermoon bodes danger and he puts all his sentries on watch. When a blast of dark magic soars past him, he searches for its origin and fixes on a brunette. Something about her is different, demanding all senses be on high alert. Is she dangerous? Or is she in danger?

    Deciding a night with a hot stranger would be good for her, Larissa invites Roman back to her hotel, unaware he is surveilling her. The night takes a dark turn as secrets are uncovered and danger moves in. Her beloved city is under attack. Larissa must decide who to trust before all is lost, including the fate of her closest friend.

    Available for pre-order now (release October 17) at Amazon for $2.99

    10. Sail by Lindsey Loucks


    Nineteen-year-old Absidy Jones is a ghost magnet, a sensitive person spirits flock to when they can’t cross over. After her brutal past escaping the hordes of ghosts vying for her attention, she spends her reclusive existence melting down iron into bite-sized pieces. Whether alloy or wrought, ancient paper clips or nails, consuming iron is the only thing that keeps the ghosts away.

    But when Absidy’s sister goes missing in deep space, a dangerous place brimming with rogue planets, ship-eating nebulas, and vicious aliens, Absidy vows to find her. She leaves her safe haven and boards the first ship she can that’s on a direct route to deep space—a ship that turns out to be haunted.

    To keep the malicious ghosts from killing her, the alluring bad boy pilot gifts her a small bundle of all the iron on the ship. But their growing relationship is tested with the crew’s prying eyes and hidden secrets.

    While the ship sails into deep space, it’s not just her sister’s life that Absidy fears for. It’s her own, as well. Especially since her stash of iron has shrunk to zero.

    Available now for pre-order now (release October 13) at Amazon for $0.99

    11. Hunting in Closed Spaces by Lori Titus


    Marradith Ryder can blow out a light, destroy machinery, or stop your heart with a mere thought. Her ability to control electrical impulses makes her feared by some, a commodity to others. She's sixteen years old, and has lived what appears to be an ordinary life with her parents and younger brother in a small Texas town. With the members of The Circle waging an all out crusade to find and bring her under their control, that's all about to change. They haven't seen the deepest of her powers yet.

    Available now at Amazon for $0.99

    12. Alliance: an Alpha Shifter Romance by K. De Long & Rebecca Hamilton


    With the prospect of war on the horizon, two rival packs must come together to solidify an uneasy truce.

    Tessa LaCroix, alpha mistress of the Kumori pack, is too fiery and competent to be passed around like some decoration. So when her father sends her to the Nefari pack to become their alpha leader's mate, she's furious. More aggravating, Marrock is the worst kind of alpha: proud and unmoving, more animal than man. But her own feelings betray her as she comes to know the man beneath the beast and realizes the animal in her wants the animal in him.

    Liam Marrock was perfectly happy running his pack without a strong huntress defying him at every turn. However, the prospect of a ceasefire with the Kumori is too alluring to pass up. Unfortunately, it's not half as alluring as the headstrong spitfire now sharing his home, all the while cursing his name. But Tessa soon proves she's more trouble than she's worth, when her strong-willed attitude causes his packmates to test his authority.

    Available for pre-order now (release October 11) Amazon for $0.99

    13. Lineage by J.N. Sheats


    After over a year of the good life and Homecoming just days away, Joey is thrown into a terrifying new reality. Happening across a violent black dog with glowing red eyes, and a handsome stranger that puts his life on the line to save her only to stick a gun in her chest moments later.

    Cameron Davis is a man from another life, for years he has been focused on his mission. The drive that keeps his soul locked inside a physical body, staving off the reaper. That all changes when he is given the task of protecting Joey and stopping the attacks.

    People are dying in Portstown, people close to Joey and she doesn't understand why. Will Joey have anyone left after she discovers the truth about her past?

    Available for pre-order (release October 21) at Amazon for $0.99

    14. Spark Awakening by Kate Corcino


    In this highly anticipated sequel to SPARK RISING, mystery and magic blend with the futuristic vision of a world that has survived apocalypse only to teeter on the edge of annihilation once again. In Spark Rising, powerful Lena Gracey and double agent Alex Reyes found solace in the darkness and electricity they saw in each other, sparking a revolution. Will it be enough when their work and the violent world around them tears them apart?

    Lena has to face a future she never wanted. Alex has to face the past he buried deep. The revolution could bring them closer or separate them forever. And the Dust is ready for her to wake....

    Available for pre-order now (release October 24) at Amazon for $3.99

    15. Sanctuary, Shifter Chronicles Book One by Melle Amade


    It’s survival of the fittest, but first you have to fit in.

    Shae is sure the icy rage that eats away at her is driving away her friends and pulling her closer to the wrong boy. But, as her protected world unravels, she discovers the violent supernatural world that lurks in her quiet hometown and the ancient feuds that threaten to destroy both her friends and her family. To save those she loves, Shae must succumb to her own fury, but at what cost?

    Available for pre-order now (release October 22) at Amazon for $2.99

    16. Taming the Beast by Erzabet Bishop


    Allyse Montlake needs a job and quick. But what can a curvy girl with a penchant for plant magic do in the current job market? It’s just not the kind of thing that most people put on applications these days. To help her mother with medical expenses, she has to get something that pays more than her bookstore job—and quick. When she goes with her friend Cara to a job fair, she has no idea she’s just applied for a position on Extreme Bachelor-in front of the camera and not behind the scenes as she intended. When she meets the man behind the mystique, can he love her for who she is and see the beauty behind the curves?

    Soren Rochester is a werewolf and the owner of Barks, one of America’s most successful pet store chains. He also happens to be fighting a curse. One pissed off witch of an ex-girlfriend and he’s running short on time to find a mate or else. When his assistant suggests a reality television show he reluctantly agrees. Can this beast find true love amidst the glittering dresses of the contestants or will he find her only to lose her in a field of thorns?

    Available now at Amazon for $2.99

    17. Of Beasts and Bonds by N.D. Jones


    In a paranormal world of mystery. mythology, and magic, sometimes old bonds must be broken before new ones can be formed. Who knew that finding one's soul mate would test bonds and unleash beasts?

    Mami Wata and Oya are now free from their watery prison and ready to wage a battle five hundred years in the making. Special Agent Assefa Berber and Dr. Sanura Williams are the prophesized Cat and Fire Witch of Legend. To save the world from Mami Wata, a water goddess with a bloody thirst for power and an insatiable appetite for death and destruction, they must defeat her beasts and the Water Witch of Legend.

    Assefa and Sanura are fully in love but possess only a partial mate bond. While Sanura has merged their auras, bonding Assefa's cat spirit to her, she has yet to accept his claiming bite. Their incomplete mate bond and their new relationship are tested when Mami Wata sets her malevolent eyes on them, manipulating beasts, sacrificing humans, and creating heartache. Can their bond survive, or will they drown under the vicious tide of godly might?

    Available now at Amazon for $3.99

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