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    17 Indie Authors You Need To Read In October

    In honor of Halloween and Indie Author Day, here are 17 releases from indie urban fantasy and paranormal romance authors!

    1. Unus by Raven Whitney

    2. A Dragon's Destiny by Tina Glasneck

    3. Chasing Rabbits by Erin Bedford

    4. Passion of Sleepy Hollow by Lexi Post

    5. The Earthborn by CJ Flynn

    6. The Devil's Daughter by Jill Cooper

    7. Fated and Forbidden Boxset

    8. Blood Ice & Oak Moon: A Coon Hollow Coven Tale by Marsha A. Moore

    9. Tempted by the Gargoyle by Lisa Carlisle

    10. Sail by Lindsey Loucks

    11. Hunting in Closed Spaces by Lori Titus

    12. Alliance: an Alpha Shifter Romance by K. De Long & Rebecca Hamilton

    13. Lineage by J.N. Sheats

    14. Spark Awakening by Kate Corcino

    15. Sanctuary, Shifter Chronicles Book One by Melle Amade

    16. Taming the Beast by Erzabet Bishop

    17. Of Beasts and Bonds by N.D. Jones