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14 Reasons Valentine’s Day Proposals Are Complete Cheese.

Proposing on Valentine’s Day is tricky - not to mention cheesy. On the one hand, it is (supposedly) the most romantic day of the year but on the other hand, proposing on a ‘holiday’ can turn super cringe. These are 14 reasons why to avoid doing so entirely!

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1. It's completely unoriginal / Via

On the day the lucky person gets proposed to, they want to feel special, to know you have planned, prepared and put in some effort! And while that may be entirely accurate for your Valentines day proposal, you run the risk of it looking like you haven’t done anything (other than buy a ring - please say you already have the ring).

2. It’s tacky / Via

Plastic red roses, heart shaped chocolates, quirky cards and an over priced only half decent meal… the tacky and standard gifts we all associate with Valentine's day - don’t make the acknowledgement of your undying love one of them ?!

3. It’s ridiculously expensive / Via

Buying that ring is going to cost you enough without adding in the overinflated prices of jewellery around the holiday. Not to mention the cost of the meal (and hopefully, champagne to celebrate) in the lovely restaurant, which is likely to be double the regular price.

4. It’s Cliché / Via

Valentine’s day - REALLY? The one day set aside purely for the celebration of love, and that the best you could come up with? Was your aim to be completely uninspired and predictable- way to go in showing the love of your life just how much they mean to you…

5. It’s embarrasing / Via

I love you SO much that I just had to tell you on the one day out of 365 that I am required to show you how much I love you.

No-one wants to be the person discussing that proposal.

Cue the eye rolls and sniggers in the office - don’t do it to them!

6. It’s bad timing / Via

Your love filled special moment will be lost forever amongst the sea of regurgitated red and pink visual sewage filling up our social media page.

Your future forever deserves better than that don’t they?

7. It’s bad timing / Via

Valentine’s day is well known for the expectation of ‘receiving’ a little more than a box of chocolates ;). And if you propose, fully expect to be; eating that chocolate body spread alone, in front of the television in your underwear, while your future life partner spends all night on the phone telling everyone and their granny.

( And taking pictures of the ring, the ring on their hand, the ring in the box, the ring from forty different angles … or is that just me?)

8. It’s expected / Via

If your other half knows you, and you happen to be a big ball of cheese or if you have been together for a long time and haven’t yet popped the question - this might be expected.

Which takes the excitement and the real surprise factor completely out of the proposal - and that’s just no fun

10. It’s last minute / Via

A prime example : ‘Oh goodness me its Valentines day and I do not have a present, I do this every year - I can’t say it’s on its way, or I’ve not finished making it again… I know. I’ll propose! ’

*Haribo rings to the rescue*

Not only will the entire situation more than likely be a mess - so will their sticky, gooey finger.

11. It will become a story / Via

As every proposal should, but when compared to the couple that climbed Mount Fiji and took breathtaking pictures at the top while a trained dolphin flew a plane with a banner saying ‘Marry Me’ that glistened in the sunrise - your story may seem lame (even though it is), un-original and plain pathetic.

13. There’s no guarantee of a free meal / Via

Even if after reading all previous statements you do go ahead and propose - thinking you’ve bagged yourself some free meal from the restaurant out of ‘love’. The chances are you’ve had it?

Doubt you would even get a bottle of bubbles for free, as the focus of this holiday shifts from true love to true profit!

14. Because valentines day is a sham. / Via

You love your other half, and you want them to know? That’s great!

Tell them EVERYDAY.

Don’t just celebrate this love on one pre-determined day of the year - you have 364 other chances to let that person know how you feel about them.

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