Things That Still Scare You No Matter Your Age

Did I mention I’m almost 30?

1. Your Office Building After Hours

Your boss appreciates those late hours you’ve been putting in. You know who else appreciates it? Serial killers.

2. The Back Seat of Your Car

Your back seat is so full of crap, you can’t even fit a body back there. Doesn’t matter, that deranged killer cleaned out a space for himself while you were in the grocery store just now.

3. Opening the Blinds

Please don’t let there be a face there; please don’t let there be a face…

4. Behind the Shower Curtain

Because if I were a killer, the first place I would hide is behind a semi-translucent piece of plastic. Totally makes sense.

5. The Garage

That scene from “Scream” will haunt you for the rest of your life.

6. Seeing Someone Walking Alone at Night

It doesn’t matter that you are in fact, also walking alone at night. What matters is that other guy down the street. What the hell is HE doing?!?!

7. That Partially Cracked Closet Door

It’s so scary that you can’t bring yourself to go over and close it… so you just sit and think about it all night.

8. Under The Bed

How to properly go to bed at night: enter bedroom; jump at least 6 feet and land safely on bed; get under covers; under no circumstances let your leg drape over the side.

9. The Basement

Oh hell no.

10. Clowns

Enough said.

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