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The People To Hate Most On Halloween

It's not so much the costume... it's the person who came up with it that makes us cringe.

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9. Refuses to Wear a Costume


There's nothing that says I'm a boring waste of party life more than the refusal to dress up at the costume party. And no, telling everyone that you're dressed as yourself does not count; it just makes you look like a douche.

8. The "This Is My Costume Shirt"


No, you do not get points for effort because you went out and bought a $12 t-shirt as your costume. You are officially the lamest person at the party and you wasted $12 to get there.

4. Political Costumes


As if filling up my facebook news feed with your crazy political rants wasn't enough. Now you have to come to a party and try to start arguments with everyone over their left-wing ideas. I'm just trying to play beer pong man. Leave me alone.

3. Overtly Offensive


Look, we're all about crude and vulgar costumes; bring on the blood and guts. But wearing blackface and dressing like Treyvon Martin for Halloween does not get you comedic points. It makes you an insensitive asshole.

2. The Cliché Slutty (Insert Any Costume)


I get it; you have big boobs and you want to get laid on Halloween. But come on, this is the 4th year in a row that you've worn that slutty cop outfit and all you've ever gotten on Halloween night is puke in your hair. Maybe you should try harder.

1. Controversy of the Year Costume


I promise, if you dress like Miley Cyrus this year you will not get the props you think your clever costume deserves. Not only is it old news by the time Halloween rolls around, but there will be about 20 other Mileys at every bar you visit. Just don't.

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