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    Why HBOs "Family Tree" Is The Best Show You Might Not Be Watching

    After being dumped and receiving a mysterious chest from his recently deceased great aunt, Tom Chadwick has embarked on a quest to find out where he came from. The series of events that follow are full of funny twists and turns that will make you LOL while wondering about your own family history.

    Family Tree stars the ever adorable Chris O'Dowd as the lead character, Tom. Just look at him:

    Tom's sister, Bea, uses a talking monkey to express her true feelings. He's kind of a dick, and that's why we love him.

    Pete is Tom's best childhood pal. He's a scene stealer. He steals all scenes.

    Fred Willard plays the California Chadwick's annoying neighbor, Mike Morton. Mike's kind of like that weird uncle who shows up unwanted, eats all your food and makes you feel uncomfortable.

    The awkward dates Tom goes on is a running joke throughout the show. I can't wait for the next one.

    Created by Christopher Guest - the guy who told us "These go to eleven" and Jim Piddock who is a seasoned actor, writer and producer, the show is hilariously well written.

    It's not Tv, it's HBO and you should be watching Family Tree, Sunday nights at 10:30PM