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    The 7 Deadly Stages Of PMS

    As a lady in my late twenties, I've had my period for more than half my life, and it hasn't gotten easier. I've recently come to the conclusion that PMS is exactly like reliving the 7 Deadly Sins, monthly.

    1. Lust - PMS starts out slow. Everything is cute and casual when suddenly you catch a whiff of a nice smelling gentleman on the street, and your uterus says:

    2. Gluttony - But things escalate quickly. Before you know it, it's just ALL OF THE CHOCOLATE

    3. and Greed - I'LL TAKE IT ALL!

    4. Sloth - Most things become a big pile of Nope. Put on pants that don't have an elastic waist band? I don't think so. Get off the couch? Not today, thanks!

    5. Wrath - And the littlest things set you off... What do you mean "No more chocolate?"

    6. Envy - You just wish your hormones were back to less enraged levels and the bloating would go away.

    7. Pride - But finally! After a week of miserableness - Woohoo! NOT PREGNANT!