The 15 Most Common Reactions To Your Dating Website Inbox

You were a bit apprehensive, but decided to take a stab at finding love on the world wide web. Your inbox began to flood and things took a turn for the worse. This isn’t going the way you thought it would…

1. When you’re broke and get solicited by a man offering you money in exchange for pictures of your feet

2. When you get matched with an ex, a best friend of an ex, a former FWB, neighbor or distant relative

3. When a lady your mom’s age sends you a message

4. When a guy younger than your little brother is like “sup?”

5. When you get a message from a guy that’s like “You’d look good pregnant”

6. When you get a message from someone who starts off with “You probably won’t write me back but….”

7. When you check your sent messages after a night of drinking and realize you’ve made a huge, tiny mistake

8. When you get your first dickpic

9. When you get a message that just says “You’re convex”

10. When you get a message from someone who’s in an “open relationship”

11. When you message that cutie but they don’t write back

12. When you get a message that says “I like the left of your hair”

13. When you get a message from a paranormal investigator

14. When you’ve abandonded all hope and finally get a message from a hottie boom body

15. When your dream human asks you out and you think there’s a chance you’ll live happily ever after

Good luck people, it’s weird out there!

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