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    23 People Tell Us Why We Should All Be Rooting For The Mets

    Ya gotta believe!

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    1. Do it for this girl who's just being honest:

    "They're amazing!! Plus they're in the World Series!!"

    2. Do it for this man who will melt your heart:

    "Because the team is a FAMILY!!"

    3. Do it for this guy's brother:

    "Because my older brother liked them."

    4. Do it for this father and his son who #believe:

    "Because New York rocks and so do the Mets!"

    "Because the Mets are the best"

    5. Do it for this man who is always suited up and ready to play:

    "Because blue and orange can't be beat!!!"

    6. Do it for this sad man who knows the struggle all too well:

    "Because it has hurt so bad for so long."

    7. Do it for this dog:

    "Because we're the underdogs!!"

    8. Do it for this wizard:

    "Mets magic.

    Mets = amazin'


    9. Do it for these Thors who spared no expense:

    "To justify these $950 tickets"

    10. Do it for this woman who wants to world to relive the past:

    "Because of 1986!"

    11. Do it for these incredibly poetic vikings:

    "You must root for something in life!"

    12. Do it for this woman who shared an incredible story with us:

    "A man on the 7 train told me that 25 years ago, he gave his wife an engagement ring and the same jacket [i'm wearing]"

    13. Do it for this masked hero:

    "We're NOT the Yankees #LGM"

    14. Do it for these brave men:

    "For Jimmy Hellmann & Barry Galfano"

    15. Do it for these die-hard fans:

    "We are the most loyal fans on this PLANET!!!! Let's go Mets"

    16. Do it for these men who made a very interesting point:

    "Because the Yankees suck!"

    17. Do it for this opportunistic family:

    "Once in a lifetime! LGM!"

    18. Do it for these fans who love to "Whine About It."

    "Because we're the GREATEST team ever!

    PS Matt Bellassai, I love you"

    19. Do it for John! We all love John:

    "For my friend John"

    20. Do it for this couple who have been through enough:

    "Mets should win win because of the tortoure we have been through. We believe! Let's go Mets!!"

    21. Do it for this artist:

    "New York Baby!"

    22. Do it for this officer who promised us that this means something:

    "For PBQN"

    23. And this man who summed it all up:

    A team who never gives up, with a fan base that never gave up.

    LGM, YGB

    - Drew R"

    All images via A. Cook