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    Five Television Characters Who Could Be The Next FBI Director

    Following President Trump's sudden firing of FBI Director James Comey, Silicon Valley actor Kumail Nanjiani tweeted an idea: promote X-Files' Fox Mulder to the role. While Mulder is an FBI special agent, he may be a little too preoccupied with trying to solve his sister's abduction and the government conspiracy surrounding the existence of aliens to properly fulfill the duties of FBI director. Here's five other characters who could easily fill Comey's shoes.

    Walter Skinner, The X-Files

    The X-Files / Via GIPHY

    Mulder's boss, Walter Skinner, is the perfect candidate for FBI director: he supervised the X-Files office, so he's seen things; isn't afraid to stand up to shadow government The Syndicate; and knows how to handle unruly personalities (*cough* Mulder *cough*). Plus, he's got the résumé to back it up as a former Marine and assistant director at the FBI.

    Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks

    Twin Peaks on Showtime / Via

    FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper might be a little too eccentric for the town of Twin Peaks, but not for the United States in 2017. He isn't afraid to use unusual methods to solve a case, like following leads from his strange, prophecy-like dreams and senses. He's also observant and detail-oriented, as his cassette player, Diane, knows all too well, which is necessary when running an intelligence and law enforcement agency.

    Jack Bauer, 24 / Via GIPHY

    Try to find anyone who is more committed to his or her country than Jack Bauer. The man lost virtually every loved one while working as a member of the Counter Terrorist Unit and with the FBI, yet he continued to serve and save the country from major terrorist attacks. He might want to rethink his use of torture as an interrogation tactic before accepting the role of FBI director, though.

    Dana Scully, The X-Files / Via GIPHY

    If Assistant Director Skinner is retired by now, Mulder's partner, Special Agent Dana Scully, is the obvious choice for replacement. She's a highly intelligent trained doctor and isn't afraid to use scientific fact to debunk Mulder's supernatural theories. Besides, running the FBI is probably a piece of cake compared to some of the creatures she and Mulder came across.

    Kent Davison, Veep

    HBO / Via GIPHY

    While Kent Davison doesn't have an FBI-related background, his number-crunching as Senior Strategist to President Selina Meyer could be beneficial here. He knows how to analyze data, and do it well. With his cold, robotic personality, he would be the perfect impartial person to make sense of this whole Russia thing. He's also in a motorcycle gang, so he's tougher than he looks.

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