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    • ashleyc42

      Just some FYI.Idon’t live in that part of Japan, butIlive in Okinawa Japan (due to being stationed here with the military) and the rate of stray/feral cats is RIDICULOUS. The biggest problem here is there is NO trap neuter release programs at all. It costs around $150 to neuteracat and well over $250 to spayacat and most vets won’t do it unless they are UTD on vaccinations.. which would be another $100 or more.Ihave trapped and spayed ONE female cat here … it’s allIcan do. Sometimes all you can do is small things like feed and shelter them. There isabeach near me that has 20-30 cats living around it. Locals feed them whatever they have and sometimes Americans feed them. It’s not so easy like in the United States where you can sometimes get cats neutered and spayed for $10-20.

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