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    20 Chairs You'll Never Own

    Designed for those that want sitting down to be an event, this is a selection of some of the most bizarre chairs of recent times. All bar one is the work of a different designer and although a few of these are concepts most have been available to buy at some point.

    1. The Loopty Loop Loopita by Victor Aleman. Featuring two more loops than your standard Loopita by the same designer.

    2. The Living Lawn Chair by Deger Cengiz was developed with garden-less urbanites in mind.

    3. The Marea Lounge Chair, just 4mm thick at its outer most edge.

    4. If your aim is to project the intimidating boss look then Maximo Riera's "Octopus Chair" may what you are looking for.

    5. 31 legs better than 4, the Funky Blast Chair.

    6. The Cabbage Chair, so-called because it has to be peeled, like a cabbage, it actually has more in common with a roll of kitchen tissues. It was designed by Nendo and is made from waste paper.

    7. Hand Truck Chair by Philippe Peyridieu.

    8. The Empty Chair by Martin Baas, created for Amnesty International.

    9. The Fork and Spoon Chair, $843 from Pop Art Decoration.

    10. Don't Walk...sit.

    11. Florent Lasbleiz's Skateboard Chair.

    12. Perhaps not strictly a chair as such, the Ziesel Offroad Driving Chair can achieve speeds of 35 km/h.

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    13. Suspended seating by Concept Suspendu.

    14. Another by Max Riera. This piece has previously been on the market for £65,000. The Octopus Chair (above), has been listed for £35,000.

    15. Dragging the rocking chair into the 21st Century, the Rocking Wheel Chair by Mathias Koehler remains a concept rather than a purchasable item.

    16. The Elmo Spin Chair, not to be confused with the Elmo Giggle and Shake Chair, this one turns while singing "Elmo Says".

    17. Flow, constructed entirely out of woven bamboo.

    18. Providing space for you to both read and store your books, the Book Worm Chair by Atelier 101, also comes with its own lamp.

    19. Peter Bristol managed to create this illusion with the "Cut Chair" by reinforcing the back left leg and the metal plate under the carpet.

    20. Designed in 1969 by Olivier Mourgue, the Bouloum Lounge Chair was made to fit the perfect human lounging position. Variations are available to buy today.