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    20 Politicians And Their Old Jobs (World)

    Not all politicians started off as lawyers, and even those that did managed to find the time to take up surprising odd jobs to tie things over. Here's a collection of the occupations politicians around the world had before taking office.

    1. Winston Churchill, War Correspondent at The Morning Post

    Winston Churchill was the son of a former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Randolph Churchill and part of the aristocratic lineage that began with the Duke of Marlborough. Having joined the Army he used his family's considerable connections to get himself posted to the key battlefields of the period's major colonial conflicts where he wrote dispatches for several newspapers.

    2. George W. Bush, Founder at Arbusto Energy

    George W. Bush Presidential Library / Via

    Bush had a number of oil interests in Texas, one of which was his own firm, Arbusto. In this image he is at a plant in Midland, Texas, campaigning for the 19th Congressional District in 1978.

    3. Henry Kissinger, Delivery Boy at Leopold Ascher


    Aged 17, the only shuttle diplomacy Henry Kissinger was doing was to and from units in a shaving brush factory.

    4. Mahatma Gandhi, Barrister at Dada Abdulla & Co.


    Gandhi trained in law at University College London before being called to the bar at the Inner Temple Law School. In 1893 he left for South Africa where he worked for an Indian firm Dada Abdulla & Co.

    5. David Cameron, Director of Corporate Affairs at Carlton Communications


    The British Prime Minister gained First-Class Honours in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford before starting a career in politics. His appointment to Carlton came after stints at the Conservative Research Department and as a Special Advisor to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and Home Secretary.

    6. Lyndon B Johnson, Teacher at Pearsall High School, Texas


    Before moving into Texas politics, Johnson taught at Pearsall before taking up a public speaking teaching post at Sam Houston High School in Houston.

    7. Nelson Mandela, Security Guard at Crown Mines

    Boston University / Via

    Mandela was a night watch man for Crown Mines in 1941. He was fired from the job when his boss discovered he was on the run from an arranged marriage.

    8. Vladimir Putin, Intelligence Officer at KGB


    His primary area of operations was East Germany where he helped the Stasi recruit foreigners as agents for tasks in the United States.

    9. Angela Merkel, Research Scientist at Central Institute for Physical Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences in Berlin-Adlershof


    It is perhaps worth noting, as many commentators have, that Margaret Thatcher was also a Research Scientist. But Thatcher trained as a chemist and focused on industry whereas Merkel is a physicist, completed a thesis on quantum chemistry and remained in academia.

    10. Stephen Harper, Mail Room Clerk at Imperial Oil


    Canada's Prime Minister, Stephen Harper took up the temporary job between stints at university.

    11. Bashar Al-Assad, Army Doctor, Tishrin


    Never thinking he would need to prepare to be President of Syria, Assad trained as a doctor in Syria before undertaking postgraduate studies at the Western Eye Hospital in London. The death of his brother meant Assad became President in 2000.

    12. Madeleine Albright, Sales Assistant at Jocelyn’s Department Store


    Albright was US Secretary of State between 1997 and 2001. She took up the post at Jocelyn's aged 17, selling bras over the counter. Speaking to Forbes magazine she said: "I learned that you need to be willing to do anything. You use it as a learning experience; how to interact with people in situations that aren’t always easy."

    13. Tony Blair, Guitarist at Ugly Rumours


    Tony Blair, formerly British Prime Minister, was a member of the Oxford University rock band, the Ugly Rumours. He also worked as a rock music promoter during his gap year. The image above is from his school years.

    14. Boris Yeltsin, Foreman at Uraltyazhtrubstroy Building Trust

    An accomplished engineer, Yeltsin's foreman job was only a temporary occupation before he began full-time work in engineering.

    15. Margaret Thatcher, Research Scientist at J. Lyons and Co.

    Getty / Via

    One of the most charismatic British Prime Ministers of the last century, Margaret Roberts, as she was at the time, is thought to have been part of the team that developed the formula for Mr Whippy ice cream.

    16. Adolf Hitler, Dispatch Runner (Corporal) at Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment 16


    Corporal Hitler (pictured on the right with his brothers) had the job of running messages between the front line and the Wehrmacht's regional military HQ. Conflicting accounts claim he was either a coward or a brave soldier that deliberately put himself in harm's way.

    17. Barack Obama, Senior Lecturer at University of Chicago Law School


    Often described as the "Professorial President", President Obama was a lecturer in Constitutional Law for 12 years at Chicago. Woodrow Wilson was also a Constitutional Law professor and Bill Clinton was a law professor at the University of Arkansas.

    18. Benjamin Netanyahu, Management Consultant at Boston Consulting Group.

    View this video on YouTube


    At Boston Netanyahu (now Prime Minister of Israel) was a contemporary of former Massachusetts Governor and Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

    19. John Boehner, Night Shift Janitor


    The current Speaker of the House of Representatives, Congressman Boehner did a number of odd jobs in order to pay his way through Xavier College. The need to pay for his own education meant he completed his degree in Business Administration after seven years of work and study.

    20. Nikita Khruschev, Metal Fitter's Apprentice


    Khruschev completed his apprenticeship and subsequently worked in a factory, before taking up a job mending equipment in mines.

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