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    20 Politicians And Their Old Jobs (World)

    Not all politicians started off as lawyers, and even those that did managed to find the time to take up surprising odd jobs to tie things over. Here's a collection of the occupations politicians around the world had before taking office.

    1. Winston Churchill, War Correspondent at The Morning Post

    2. George W. Bush, Founder at Arbusto Energy

    3. Henry Kissinger, Delivery Boy at Leopold Ascher

    4. Mahatma Gandhi, Barrister at Dada Abdulla & Co.

    5. David Cameron, Director of Corporate Affairs at Carlton Communications

    6. Lyndon B Johnson, Teacher at Pearsall High School, Texas

    7. Nelson Mandela, Security Guard at Crown Mines

    8. Vladimir Putin, Intelligence Officer at KGB

    9. Angela Merkel, Research Scientist at Central Institute for Physical Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences in Berlin-Adlershof

    10. Stephen Harper, Mail Room Clerk at Imperial Oil

    11. Bashar Al-Assad, Army Doctor, Tishrin

    12. Madeleine Albright, Sales Assistant at Jocelyn’s Department Store

    13. Tony Blair, Guitarist at Ugly Rumours

    14. Boris Yeltsin, Foreman at Uraltyazhtrubstroy Building Trust

    15. Margaret Thatcher, Research Scientist at J. Lyons and Co.

    16. Adolf Hitler, Dispatch Runner (Corporal) at Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment 16

    17. Barack Obama, Senior Lecturer at University of Chicago Law School

    18. Benjamin Netanyahu, Management Consultant at Boston Consulting Group.

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    At Boston Netanyahu (now Prime Minister of Israel) was a contemporary of former Massachusetts Governor and Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

    19. John Boehner, Night Shift Janitor

    20. Nikita Khruschev, Metal Fitter's Apprentice