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A Beacon Of Hope In A Dark Place

Bipolar disorder

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Ashley, 24, has been hospitalized twice in her life. Once for mania and the other for depression. But, her problems started well before the hospitalizations.

* she became unusually irritable with her live in boyfriend.

* He would probably say she was easily provoked by minor infractions.

* Ashley began to sleep less and less, although John thought she was awake, she was just lying there next to him overthinking her whole day and what tomorrow would bring.

* Ashley preoccupied herself with finishing School at AIU.

* Despite this intense focus, Ashley seemed very easily distracted.

* Ashley began speaking very rapidly.

* She began buying things at work that she truly couldn’t afford on her salary

* Her problems came to a head when she kicked out John (they had been fighting since October).

* Due to her response with the breakup she was threatened to be kicked out of her apartment with no financial means.

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that affects at least one and every 50 people, some say 25

* Bipolar disorder puts Ashley at a high rick for kinds of problems at work, at home, and in her social life.

* Ashley is at a high risk for physical problems like being an alcoholic and a substance abuser.

* Although Ashley never turned to alcohol, she turned to smoking cigarettes.

* With medications and the right therapist, there is hope. Ashley seems someone once a week and luckily enough her boss works with her on her appointments.

* There is so much hope for anyone suffering, but you must educate yourself before you demand to educate other people. Know thyself.

* If you have bipolar disorder please read The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide by David J. Miklowitz.

* After you are done reading it then maybe ask your loved ones to read it too.

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