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15 Struggles Of Living In A City With No Car

Because you can only handle being a sardine in subway so many times.

1. When you see a rare, in-good-condition table on the sidewalk for free, and you're nowhere near your apartment.

2. When your train is delayed, the other line is closed for construction, and you don’t want to be a sardine during rush hour on the bus.

3. When you just want to buy groceries!

4. When you want to buy bulk toilet paper.

5. When you want to buy…anything that’s bigger than your arms or that is heavy or awkwardly shaped.

6. When there’s no convenient direct route via public transportation, so it takes you two hours to get somewhere instead of 30 minutes by car.

7. When you need to transport your cat/iguana/large doggo, and they are NOT a fan of traveling far.

8. And don't even think of buying more than a pound of pet food at a time.

9. When you want to grow your plant family.

10. When a weekend trip outside of the city sounds nice, but calculating all the types of public transport and coordinating the perfect timing is too much of a headache.

11. When you have to go the airport with your huge suitcase.

12. When it’s the weekend…because every kind of public transportation is on a limited schedule.

13. When you really just wanna blast music and sing along during your commute, and of course you’re not going to because you aren’t “that person” on the subway.

14. When it's summertime, and you've had the not-so-unique experience of touching somebody else's sweat.

15. Also...cities are just not very good at being accessible!