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Stupid Things You Should NEVER Do On An Escalator

Seriously, you shouldn't do these things unless you really enjoy faceplanting! It may seem obvious, but people can be really dumb!

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  • 1. Lay On The Handrails


  • So, I know it looks really cool to do the Escalator Spin, but most likely you will fall and hurt your ass. NOT FUN.

  • FAIL

  • 2. Walk Down With Your Crutches

  • Really? REALLY? You know what's going to happen.

  • 3. Hang On The Hand Rails

  • Ohhh, you think you're hot shit, don't you?


  • 4. Ride Down On A Wheel Chair

    There are elevators for a reason! USE THEM.

  • 5. Try And Jump From The Top

    Do you want to have a broken skull? DO YOU?

  • 6. Slide Down The Railing

    I hope you enjoy your ass hurting every time you sit down!

  • 7. Walk The Wrong Way

    You're not being clever. You're being stupid.

  • 8. Sleep

  • It just won't end well! Even a park bench would be a better idea!