• 1. Keanu Reeves

    He’s a quarter Hawaiian and a quarter Chinese.

  • 2. Rob Schneider

    He’s a quarter Filipino.

  • 3. Kristin Kreuk

    (From Smallville) She’s half Chinese.

  • 4. The Rock

    He’s half Samoan.

  • 5. Ne-yo

    He’s a quarter Chinese.

  • 6. Mark-Paul Gosselaar

    (Zack from Saved By The Bell) A quarter Indonesian.

  • 7. Enrique Iglesias

    Half Filipino.

  • 8. Karen O

    Singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. She was born in Seoul, Korea to a Polish father and Korean mother.

  • 9. Sharon Leal

    Half Filipino

  • 10. Eddie Van Halen

    His Mother is Chinese-Malaysian and his father is Dutch.

  • 11. Dean Cain

    (Played Superman) A quarter Japanese

  • 12. Vanessa Hudgens

    Her dad is of Irish and Native American ancestry, and her mom is of Filipino, Spanish and Chinese descent.

  • 13. Chad Michael Murray

    He’s a quarter Japanese.

  • 14. Nicole Scherzinger

    (Pussycat Dolls) She was born to a Filipino father and a Hawaiian-Russian mother.

  • 15. Kirk Hammett

    (From Metallica) He’s half Filipino.

  • 16. Freddie Mercury

    100% Parsi

  • 17. Bruno Mars

    Half Filipino

  • 18. KT Tunstall

    A quarter Chinese

  • 19. Norah Jones

    Half Indian

  • 20. Naomi Campbell

    Her paternal grandmother is Chinese.

  • 21. Michelle Branch

    Michelle Branch is half Irish, a quarter Indonesian, an eighth French and an eighth Dutch.