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MicroVolunteering: Helping Out With A Click Of A Mouse

Volunteering for busy people! Sparked is the world's first microvolunteering network. If you have an internet connection, you can volunteer! You know you're on the computer all day anyway, so why not help out?

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  • What is MicroVolunteering?

    It's volunteering on your schedule with your free time. It's as easy as connecting on your smart phone.

  • The tasks you do are broken down into small pieces, so you have time to them when you're available.

  • For example...

  • In the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, many people were deemed missing.

    With the help of photographers in Haiti and the Sparked network, volunteers could sit at their computer and help identify missing people.

  • "Do you see the person on the left in the photo on the right?"

    They were able to identify 24 missing persons through the help of microvolunteers!

  • TED Talk by Ben Rigby

    Great examples of how microvolunteers make a difference!

  • We've seen the power of the internet with 4chan doing good for individuals. Let's take it another step. We can all help out with a click of the mouse.