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Harry Potter Stars Then and Now

Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) wasn't the only actor in the Harry Potter movies to get hot! My, they grow up so quickly!

  • Daniel Radcliffe Then

    Harry Potter

  • Daniel Radcliffe Now

  • Emma Watson Then

    Hermione Granger

  • Emma Watson Now

  • Rupert Grint Then

    Ron Weasley

  • Rupert Grint Now

  • Tom Felton Then

    Draco Malfoy

  • Tom Felton Now

  • James and Oliver Phelps Then

    Fred and George Weasley

  • James and Oliver Phelps Now

  • Bonnie Wright Then

    Ginny Weasley

  • Bonnie Wright Now

  • Jamie Waylett Then

    Vincent Crabbe

  • Jamie Waylett Now

  • Josh Herdman Then

    Gregory Goyle

  • Josh Herdman Now

  • Alfie Enoch Then

    Dean Thomas

  • Alfie Enoch Now

  • Devon Murray Then

    Seamus Finnigan

  • Devon Murray Now

    Seamus Finnigan

  • Matthew Lewis Then

    Neville Longbottom

  • Matthew Lewis Now

  • Harry Melling Then

    Dudley Dursley

  • Harry Melling Now

  • Evanna Lynch Then

    Luna Lovegood

  • Evanna Lynch Now