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    Crazy Anger Management Cases

    It's perfectly normal to assault your roommate because she ate your thin mint Girl Scout cookies, right? No? Here are some people with Hulk-like anger that you probably shouldn't tick off. (Or else).

    • Lady assaults roommate for eating her thin mint cookies

      Hersha Howard attacked her roommate in her sleep. Hersha (who is 400 pounds) jumped on her roommate and hit her in the face. She then chased her around the room with scissors and allegedly bit her roommate's left breast. (WTF!?)

    • All over these cookies...

      (I will admit they are delicious.)

    • Moviegoer shot after telling someone to quiet their popcorn munching

      In Latvia, a moviegoer was enjoying Black Swan on the big screen. His enjoyment of the film was interrupted by another person crunching on their popcorn loudly. He told the other person to keep it down. The loud popcorn cruncher was so offended that he pulled out this "registered gun" and opened fire in the theater.

    • The loud popcorn chewer was polite enough to wait until the end of the movie to start shooting.

    • Incorrect fastfood order ends in a brawl between customers and employee

      Four customers ordered some food at a Wendy's drive through. The order was incorrect, so they threw their food back through the window at the cashier. The cashier hurled back at the car a drink and some ketchup. 2 people inside the car went inside the restaurant to confront the cashier. Fights ensued.

    • (Image not from fight.)

    • Counter-Strike gamer stabs a fellow player... IRL

      Julien Barreaux was absolutely enraged that another player stabbed his character in Counter-Strike. Barreaux then hunts down the other player (it took him 7 months), so he could stab him... IN REAL LIFE. The victim survived, but just barely! The knife missed his heart by less than an inch.

    • And here's the Mom who killed her baby over Farmville.

      A Florida mother took her Farmville obsession way too far when she shook her three-month baby to death because he was interrupting her game.

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