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    • ashleyb61

      She has every right to choose to shoot heroin if she really wants to. However, heroin is an illegal drug because it has clinically significant and recorded negative consequences for the individual who uses it.  Abortion is again a choice she has every right to make, however it should not be made illegal. Pro-life protestors may claim that there are clinically significant consequences for a woman who chooses to have an abortion, but many of their claims are false. I understand that since abortion, in certain cases when gestation is later, can be a major surgery that there are risks involved. Nevertheless, abortion, unlike heroin, does not have rippling negative consequences like heroin. Heroin consumption facilitates an illegal drug business that brings wealth to the “bad guys”. Women who choose to have abortions really only affect themselves (and their male partners if he knows).  Of course, some people will say that there are negative consequences for the fetus because its an “unborn child”, but that’s not true. The fetus inside a woman has no ability to function outside the uterus at that stage, has no cognition, and does not think or feel. There has been recent abortion laws passed on the idea of “fetal pain”, but that study was poorly done. Additionally, the fetal movements (which aren’t felt by the mother until later in the pregnancy) are not cognitive movements, but rather simple neural reactions.  So yes, she does have every right to choose an abortion. And as others have mentioned, making abortion illegal will not stop abortions. Making it illegal will simply make it harder for poorer women to find abortion providers, and the women who can afford it will continue to exercise their right to choose. Also, I will continue to re-iterate the point about sex education and free contraception being paramount in reducing the difficult choice women have to make about abortion.

    • ashleyb61

      Abortion should be completely legal for gestation <20 weeks, and then late term abortion should be legal for women who have life-threatening complications. No one else should haveasay in what occurs in that decision making process. It is an extremely difficult choice thatawoman makes, and even though it might be the right one for her and her life, that doesn’t make her evil oramurderer. It simply makes itawoman who is trying to make the best of her life.Afetus does not feel pain, emotion and has no cognitive ability-something that humans value highly in the definition of life. To put it harshly, saying thatafetus is “alive” is like sayingafully dead body with artificial circulation is “alive”-its completely untrue. Circulating blood does not equal life.  Additionally, making abortion illegal won’t stop it from happening, it will just put more women in unnecessary risk.  Furthermore, trying to putareligious perspective onto this argument is useless because
      a) not everyone is religious
      b) people have different religions and those religions have different rules
      c) religion has no right to influence secular policy (ex: this isn’t “Saudi America”)
      d) religion does NOT equal morality, so trying to equate the two isauseless argument (I also believe that the many atrocities committed in the name of religion highlights that fact better thanIever could)  If we asasociety do with to encourage lower abortion rates (which are already very low), we need to work at preventative measures, not punitive ones. For example, sex education is important! Saying that teenagers will have sex because we talk to them about it is ridiculous. Keeping people ignorant is never the answer forabetter society. Properly delivered education will allow teenagers to be informed and make responsible decisions (asaside note, teenagers will have sex whether or not society/others/religion wants them to). In addition to that, providing free contraception is necessary! If we can help women be in control of their reproductive abilities, then they won’t ever have to worry about makingachoice about abortion or not (even though that is their complete right).
      Iknow some people are going to bring inareligious tone to this argument, but it has no place here. You may believe in “God” and the Bible (I only point out Christianity here because its been mentioned in the comments already), but those are not universal beliefs. And you have no right to enforce your religion onto others and expect people to abide by them-the crusades wereabloody, torturous war on others and should never be committed again. Also,Ifeel that it is necessary to point out again that religion does NOT equal morality. Morality is regularly achieved by people without religion, different religions, etc. and religion has no right to claim something so good that they do not do very well.  Long post, butIfelt the need to comment on somethingIfeel to beafreedom of women living inasupposedly free country.

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