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    • ashleyb17

      I sell the things your listing. iPads don’t go down that low when you include the gift card. Some people work “not google image search hit counter attracting memes”. They don’t make a lot of money and need to budget the gifts they buy for their large families that like themselves didn’t go to university in England. “Off brand” to them is value since they can’t afford expensive, but would still like to watch tv without a converter box. As for the danger and depression, your defining what these things mean to people and considering one of your last points about black friday not needing us, your already wrong then. I see these people walk in my store with their families, and the families of those that work there but your trying to tell them what’s really important. Those depressed faces your pointing at are people who can afford to give the christmas to their families that they want to give to them. And your begrudging them that? If your actually trying to make an argument against materialism your doing a shitty job. (apologies for the grammar, spelling etc., it’s black friday and i’m in retail)

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