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    23 Things That You Reallyyyy Should Be Replacing Every Few Months/Years (And Yes, I Am Talking About The Lipstick You Bought In 2021)

    BRB — swapping my disgusting air filter immediately.

    Okay, I have some bad news...the stuff inside your home is likely harboring more yuck than you realize. And I'm not saying it's cheap or easy to do, but your health — and really, your happiness — may depend on changing out products in your home sooner rather than later.

    1. The Hairbrush You've Had Since High School

    A hairbrush being used to comb through long curly hair

    2. That Dusty Power Strip Behind Your TV

    A surge protector filled with various cords plugged in to it positioned in front of a window

    3. The Contact Lens Case You Got With Your Prescription

    A contact lens case with one side opened so that the cap is propped against the case

    4. The First-Aid Kit Supplies I'm Sure You Have Somewhere

    First aid supplies including medical tape, packaged pills, scissors, and bandages displayed in front of a first aid kit

    5. Eyelash Curler Pads (Yes, They're Replaceable!)

    An eyelash curler laying open on its side

    6. Your Home's Air Filters

    The end of an air filter as shown coming out of an HVAC vent

    7. Your Kitchen Sponge That Is *Definitely* More Than A Week Old

    A gloved hand wipes down a soapy kitchen sink with a large kitchen sponge

    8. That Same Cutting Board You've Had Since College

    An overhead shot of a cutting board with a knife positioned next to a carrot that has been partially chopped into round slices

    9. Your Non-Slip Bathtub Mat That's Lost Its Suction

    A clear silicone bathtub mat is pictured from above a porcelain bathtub with tub handles on either side

    10. A Visibly Dingy Shower Curtain Liner

    A generic looking shower curtain pulled partially open revealing part of a bathtub

    11. Sunscreen That's Old Enough To Attend Preschool

    Two bottles of sunscreen on a striped towel poolside next to headphones and a sun hat

    12. That One Sauce-Stained Plastic Food Storage Container

    A variety of sizes of plastic food storage containers stacked inside of a cabinet

    13. The Herbs Hidden In The Back Of Your Spice Cabinet

    Eight spice jars with various types of herbs inside, displayed on a kitchen counter

    14. Your Toothbrush After Three To Four Months Of Use

    The top of three toothbrushes sticking out of the top of a clear glass holder pictured next to an opened bottle of mouthwash with a tube of toothpaste and dental floss container in the background

    15. Bath Poufs And Loofahs That Stay Sopping Wet

    A back scrub brush hanging on a shower wall lined up next to three used bath poufs and two additional handheld scrubbers

    16. Toilet Brushes That Are More Than Six Months Old

    A rubber-gloved hand holding a toilet brush positioned above a toilet as if about to clean it

    17. Bath Towels That Are Literally Unraveling

    A stack of bath towels on a wooden bathroom shelf next to a bar of soap in a wooden holder and a decorative cup holding toothbrushes

    18. Mascara That's More Than Three Months Old

    An opened tube of mascara laying on its side with two closed tubes in the background

    19. Your Makeup Brushes With The Bristles Falling Out

    One hand holds an open makeup compact while the other holds a makeup brush poised to swipe across the makeup

    20. The Tiny Condiment Packets You Love To Hoard

    Blank condiment packages that have been piled together haphazardly

    21. Sheets That Are More Than Two to Three Years Old

    A comfortable looking bed with fluffy bedding and pillows in front of sheer billowing window curtains

    22. Your Really Old Bras

    A drawer full of a variety of lacy panties and bras that are neatly lined up

    23. Lipstick From 2021 (Or Earlier)

    An open tube of lipstick with the cap sitting next to it and an eyeshadow palette in the background

    Ok, so now I need to know... which of these things are you going to replace right now? (Again, seriously — absolutely zero judgment on my part.) LMK in the comments below!