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    Debunking The 6 Common Myths Of The Life Coaching Industry

    Let’s Dive in to the 6 Common Myths Of The Life Coaching Industry

    If you were to Google “life coach,” you’d get a million different answers about what exactly a life coach is. Everyone has their own definition – and opinion – about what a life coach does, what qualifications they should have, and how you should go about becoming one. Surprisingly though, you’d find even more information out there about what a life coach isn’t.

    As the CEO of the Quantum Coach Co., founder of the Quantum Coaching Academy, and creator of the Badass Manifester brand and podcast with almost a million downloads and counting, my team and I have helped hundreds of coaches start, grow, and scale their businesses, master the craft of coaching, and step into their Big Coach Energy.

    Recently, I Googled “how to become a life coach,” and I found six major myths I’d like to debunk for you right now.

    Myth #1: You can’t actually make a living as a life coach, so it’s better to keep your corporate job.

    Myth #2: You’ll never be able to get enough clients.

    Myth #3: You can’t imagine being able to create your own income and set your own schedule.

    Myth #4: Nobody needs a life coach 24/7.

    Myth #5: Your life has to be perfect before you can coach others.

    Myth #6: You’re too young and don’t have enough life experience to help people.

    Now that I’ve debunked the biggest myths out there, I hope you feel even more confident and excited about becoming a life coach, stepping fully into your calling, and helping someone have the a-ha moment they’ve been waiting for.

    As a life coach, you’ll be able to facilitate complete life transformations with your clients.

    You’ll use your gifts to open doors for others and guide people from where they are to where they want to be.

    What could be better than that?

    You’ll change lives, and you’ll do it one life coaching session at a time.