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What Mercer's Win Against Duke Meant To Me As An Alum

I've loved Mercer since 2004 and now the world can see why.

ashleighnw • 5 years ago

9 Tips That'll Make You A Great Intern

You got through the mounds of resumes and somehow your interview polished it off. So now what? Here are a few mental notes that will make you a stellar intern.

ashleighnw • 6 years ago

What 'N SYNC Was Really Singing About

In dedication of the upcoming VMA reunion and overall teenybopperdom, I decided to break down a few songs by the band to look at what they were really telling us.

ashleighnw • 6 years ago

Why Alicia Keys Is The Worst Waitress Of All Time

In "You Don't Know My Name", what AK intended to be a lyrical ditty about an innocent work crush turned into a blatant violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

ashleighnw • 6 years ago