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This Guy Created An Entire Song About A Wasp On His Cheesecake And It's Hilarious

"This song is based on true events"

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Over his summer break from university in 2016, Joshua featured a funny video on Snapchat featuring a 'wasp on his cheesecake'.

Via Twitter: @JoshuaCoase

He was at a BBQ with his friends and as they were about to have lemon cheesecake for dessert, the pesky wasp appeared and wouldn't leave.

Josh told us that later in the day, his friend George asked him to sing some improvisations over a track and 'there's a wasp on my cheesecake, and it keeps on flying around' was the first thing that came into Josh's head.

After George added a few more effects, Josh filmed the short improvisation and put it on Snapchat.

Josh told us that: "It went down well with my friends who saw it and at uni this term a few people I know wanted to hear a full version."

After this encouragement from his friends, he decided to create an entire song over the winter break.

"Most of it is improvised and done in one take but it came out surprisingly well", he added.

Josh has had a good response so far after posting it on Facebook, with many of his friends claiming it to be the 'biggest track of 2017'.

With lyrics like 'wasp came down and we all lost our minds, had to run away as it attacked the cheesecake from behind' it truly is a masterpiece that all cheesecake fans can relate to.

Facebook: video.php
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