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    • ashleighj474ebc193

      Becoming healthy & fit isn’t something that happens overnight or from a gimmicky fad 6 week diet. It is a journey and a lifestyle you fall in love with when you find your “soul mate” workout and feel amazing from eating REAL food. 4 years ago, I ate nothing but take out, didn’t know a thing about nutrition, couldn’t cook and never worked out in my life. I was miserable and obese as a result. I decided one day to start educating myself and making small changes (which snow balled) everyday. Since, I’ve lost 80 lbs., and live for fitness and nutrition. I LOOK FORWARD to my workouts and CRAVE whole foods. It’s all about COMMITTING to yourself, making small changes everyday, not being afraid to try new things, surrounding yourself with like-minded people, finding workouts you ENJOY that are sustainable for YOU and THEN your new lifestyle will fall into place. There really isn’t a quick fix or easy way out. Make the decision, commit to it and you will succeed.

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