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How To Surive A Horror Movie In 10 Easy Steps

There is no safety to be found.

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1. Whatever you do, don't answer the phone. It'll end up being a) the killer, b) someone who doesn't believe you, or c) a phone call with the worst reception you've ever experienced.

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2. If you think the murderer is dead give them a courtesy shot just to make sure.

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3. Sex usually equals death so try to abstain.

RADiUS-TWC/Via Tumblr

4. If you think you're alone it's probably a good clue that you're not.

Rogue Pictures/ Via Tumblr

5. Just let that sound upstairs be. It's nothing to worry about.

Film District/ Via Tumblr

6. Whatever you do, do not, I repeat do not, go upstairs!

Miramax Films/ Via Tumblr

7. Never, ever split up. Safety is in numbers people!

Dimension Films/ Via Tumblr

8. If the lights are out you should be too.

20th Century Fox/ Via

9. Try not to be the most cliché victim ever by falling.

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10. And finally, when you think it's all over . . . it's probably not.

Warner Bros/ Via Tumblr.

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