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25 TV Characters Who Slayed The Fashion Game

From fantasy worlds to modern day, we all wish we could have a peek in these closets.

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1. Margaery Tyrell

When we first set eyes on Margaery in Game of Thrones Season 2 we knew she was a force to be reckoned with. She gives Cersei a run for her money in more than one way. Her wardrobe is just one of the many things of hers we envy. It doesn't matter the cut, color, or climate whatever she rocks has all of us wanting to raid her closet.

2. Regina Mills

Whether she's taking names as the mayor of Storybrooke or seeking revenge in the Enchanted Forest there is one thing Regina Mills knows how to do - slay (both literally and figuratively).

3. Daryl Dixon

He might be a dirty redneck from Georgia but this dirty redneck knows how to rock sleeveless plaid. From the poncho, to the angel wing vest, to the leather jacket we haven't seen anything that doesn't look good on this cross-bow wielding man.

4. Sherlock Holmes

He's an intelligent, witty, sarcastic high-functioning sociopath. And no one can rock a deerstalker or Belstaff like him. Whether it be the upturned coat collar, that purple shirt, or the blue scarf, Sherlock may not have any clue as to how to interact with other humans but he sure does know how to dress himself.

5. Hannibal Lecter

If you look past his murdering, cannibalistic tendencies Dr. Lecter has quite an extensive and impressive wardrobe. Bespoke, plaid, blue, and brown, Hannibal can and does wear them all. He might travel the world murdering the rude but he does so in style.

6. Cookie Lyon

Cookie must have spent her time in prison concocting not only how to get what rightfully belongs to her but to do it in the most fashionable way possible. No one's ever walked out of the prison gates looking so fabulous.

7. Pamela Swynfod de Beaufort

As Eric's progeny and right hand woman Pam has an image to uphold and she surely doesn't disappoint. A Walmart sweatsuit, the goth vampire look, a Texas Republican housewife, and a woman covered in head to toe pink are just a few of Pam's memorable fashion moments. Bury her in the dirt or make her face rot off she will still look phenomenal.

8. Irene Adler

While we only get to see Miss Adler in two episodes of Sherlock her character will never be forgotten. She blends an old world charm with a modern day dominatrix. We haven't seen such a sexy red lip since The Woman appeared on our screens in 2012.

9. Maggie Greene

Maggie's Season 2 look reminded us all of exactly what she is - the farmer's daughter. But Maggie has grown in more than one sense over the seasons and now she could definitely coin the term 'zombie chic.' Not only does she look like a total badass but she looks like a total badass with style.

10. Cersei Lannister

Cersei may be one of the most hated characters on Game of Thrones but you can't deny that she is a fashion queen. She wears Lannister red like no other and with her mane of golden hair all the women in the King's Landing are running to the dressmaker's.

11. Lagertha

If Lagertha has taught us anything about late 700s fashion it's that we need it in our closet. It doesn't matter if she's forming a shield wall in battle or ruling as Earl Ingstad, Lagertha always looks fierce. One thing that she's always proven is she's not afraid to get a little blood on her clothes.

12. Snow White

Snow White, or Mary Margaret Blanchard if you prefer, represents all that is good and inncoent and her wardrobe is just that. There's no doubt we'd all be afraid of rocking so much white but that's not to say that it wouldn't stop us from trying.

13. Tara Gregson

If there was one upside to Tara's Dissociative Identity Disorder it was that each of her alters came with an unforgettable personality and style. We saw it all in United States of Tara and it's easy to say that we would have loved to have a peek in each alter's closet.

14. Oberyn Martell

Prince Oberyn Martell. He was the bit of sunshine we needed in our lives. He brought the sun from Sunspear with him to King's Landing. That much orange and yellow in a wardrobe wouldn't look good on most people but dear, sweet Oberyn wore it and wore it well.

15. Queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq

Queen Sophie-Anne had a penchant for all things fabulous so of course her wardrobe had all of us turning green with envy. Never have we seen a one piece bathing-suit look so fantastic. The majority of her wardrobe may have been white and pristine but that never stopped her from getting dirty.

16. Queen Anne Boleyn

Queen Anne. As viewers, many of us disliked her until the end of her marriage to King Henry VIII in The Tudors but one thing we couldn't deny was that the woman had style. How else are you supposed to catch the attention of the King of England?

17. Bedelia du Maurier

We may still be on the fence about Bedelia's intentions and behavior but one thing we're not still on the fence about is her wardrobe. She may be fearful of Dr. Lecter and his intentions but this psychiatrist is not afraid of Marchesa and Furla.

18. Madison Montgomery

Fiona may have been the Supreme in American Horror Story Coven but Madison was the Supreme in her fashion choices. Never has being a witch looked so chic and fabulous. Let's just look past her psychopathic tendencies and applaud her for her fashion sense.

19. Buffy Summers

Buffy was kicking ass and taking names from 1997 until 2003 and she looked fabulous the entire time. There might be some debate on whether Buffy should have ended up with Spike, Angel, or Riley but one thing that's not debatable is that the slayer had style.

20. The Doctor

With over 800 episodes of Doctor Who there's bound to be at least one outfit you're dying to get your hands on. It could be Four's scarf, Six's coat, or Ten's Converse. The Doctor has been saving races since 1963 and he's looked fabulous doing it.

21. Moriarty

What list wouldn't be complete without Westwood? Jim Moriarty may have led to The Fall but we can't deny that a consulting criminal has never looked so good. We saw him in a crown and honey did he look good.

22. Sansa Stark

So she might have jumped off the top of a castle at the end of Season 5 but at least she did it in style. Sansa has sent us on a emotional roller coaster throughout the seasons but while our feelings for her may change with each episode our thoughts on her wardrobe surely don't.

23. Gemma Teller Morrow

If there was a force to be reckoned with on Sons of Anarchy it was Gemma Teller. Gemma was the HBIC. Gemma may have had some issues in those last few seasons but her wardrobe sure didn't.

24. Mary, Queen of Scots

Let's be real, when we think of sixteenth century fashion we are not impressed but Mary impresses everyone. Just strap me into a corset and let me work this wardrobe like never before!

25. DaenerysTargaryen

If we paid attention to anything in Season 5 it was Dany's wardrobe. Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen slayed this season. I will gladly take the outfits and if Daario happens to come with them I'll take him too.

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