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20 Times We Fell For The Bad Guy

We just can't help ourselves.

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1. Tate Langdon

20th Century Fox Productions

There's no denying the terrible things Tate did while he was alive and in his afterlife. But let's be honest the love he clearly had for Violet is what captured our hearts. We all wish we had a man out there willing to "wait forever" for us to change our mind.

2. Loki Laufeyson

Marvel Studios

The words that sent our minds on a NSFW daydream. Loki's done so many bad things: destroying New York, trying to kill his father and brother, etc. but we'll always feel pity and attraction for the prince who was lied to his entire life.

3. Jamie Lannister


Let's look past the incestuous, 'I fathered your three children' relationship between him and Cersei for this one. Everyone hated Jamie in Season 1 of Game of Thrones but that hatred dwindled bit by bit. Now we can't help but feel sorry for Jamie as he's nothing more than a pawn in Cersei's game. Plus, he has a head of hair could rival anyone's be they Westerosi or not.

4. Bucky Barnes AKA The Winter Soldier

Marvel Studios

Bucky wasn't a villain up until Zola captured him and replaced his arm with a metal, bionic arm but no matter what Bucky's always had our hearts. Who wouldn't want a boyfriend that can basically destroy or pick up anything? We're with you to the end of the line Bucky.

5. The Joker

Warner Bros.

While we haven't seen much of Jared Leto's Joker, Heath Ledger's portrayal is unforgettable. The Joker's creepy, violent, terrifying, and funny all while managing to attract us on some level. He'd probably be a little bit of a bi-polar boyfriend but we can look past that.

6. Hannibal Lecter


There's something unnervingly attractive about Mads Mikkelsen's portrayal of Dr. Lecter. While we definitely know there's a genius, cannibalistic serial killer lurking beneath his psychiatric guise we just can't turn away.

7. Erik Lehnsherr

20th Century Fox

Magneto is definitely one of the more evil X-Men characters but that doesn't tone down his hotness. Let's all just take a peak at the above gif and let our minds wander.

8. Walter White


So Mr. White may not be on this list for his unbearable attractiveness but he is on this list for his dedication and love for his family. All Walter wanted to do was make sure his family would be provided for even if it resulted in his death. Now that's the definition of a family man.

9. Al Swearengen


Al was definitely one of the most memorable characters from the canceled too soon Deadwood. He might not have been the most attractive (looking at you Seth) but he was definitely committed to his town and a force to be reckoned with.

10. Ramsay Snow


He may have taken it a tad too far with Sansa this season but for some reason we just can't look away when it comes to Ramsay. We'll just have to look past the murdering, raping, pillaging, castrating, homicidal maniac and find the loving creature within.

11. Jim Moriarty


Clearly the bad guy but we were (are?) so into it. The theatrics, the threats, the break-ins, and murders - Moriarty is a pro at it all. NOW IF WE COULD JUST FIND OUT IF HE'S STILL ALIVE!

12. The Governor


Bad guy, really bad guy yet somehow many of us still adored him. He seemed like a real family guy - if your idea of family is keeping your zombie daughter locked up in a room full of zombie heads in fish tanks. The Governor was willing to do anything and everything to make sure his family was safe . . . even half beheading Herschel.

13. Angel

20th Century Fox Television

Everyone shipped Angel and Buffy until he went all demonic after they had sex for the first time. It hurt when he left Buffy even if he did so because he knew she would be better off without him.

14. Khan Noonien Singh

Paramount Pictures

Khan (aka John Harrison) was the highlight of Star Trek Into Darkness. He was all like, "You should have let me sleep!" and we were just, "Ummm no, we needed this in our lives."

15. Spike

20th Century Fox Television

Angel's exit from Buffy the Vampire Slayer left us with Spike who we all came to adore. He may have been the bad guy in the beginning and his intentions may not always have been clear but that didn't stop us from loving him.

16. Gareth


The slogan for Terminus should have been - 'Those who arrive are eaten alive.' Gareth was a crazy cannibal who screwed with the wrong people and ended up paying the price for it but he was strangely hot.

17. Eric Northman


So whether or not he can be considered a villain for the entirety of True Blood is debatable but one thing that's not is his sexiness. Forget Bill and Merlotte's, I'll hang out at Fangtasia every night as long as I can stare at that.

18. Draco Malfoy

Warner Bros. Pictures

There's no need for him to tell his father he made this list. We were all ready for Draco to get what he deserved by the end of the Harry Potter series but we weren't ready to quit looking at his beautiful face.

19. Ronan the Accuser

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

The voice alone would have been enough to get Ronan on this list. He may have had hard to achieve ambitious but ambition is a good thing. Right?

20. Aldrich Killian

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

A rich, genius, hot (literally) boyfriend. What more could a girl ask for? He's the perfect, indestructible boyfriend.

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