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15 Unforgettable Moments From Top Gear

It was the best show . . . in the world.

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1. Series 15 when Jeremy took his Grand Design idea a bit too far.

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Who will ever be able to forget the sound of Clarkson's squealing as he pulled alongside a lorry or the American inspired campervan it took Hammond hours to put together?

2. Series 14 when the hosts built Geoff, an electric car with a top speed of 10 mph.

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The image of Richard's head being cooked in a box or Jeremy in his mood room with a mustache will always stick with us. There were a few design flaws with the Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust but it did pass its road tests.

3. When the boys were in charge of building stretch limousines in Series 9 and driving celebrities to the Brit Awards.

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Let's be honest, none of them really worked. Hammond's convertible MG F ran the risk of electrocuting his passengers, James' Saab 9000/Alfa Romeo 164 was a disaster mainly due to its directionally challenged driver, and Clarkson's barely road legal Fiat Panda ended up missing a few bits by the end.

4. When Jeremy and Richard designed a vehicle for the elderly that would definitely immobilize its drivers if they ended up on the wrong side of the road.

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A magnificently built vehicle with built in satnav that will take you wherever you need to go, as long as you only need to go home, to the post office, to Peggy's house, or bingo.

5. Series 3 when Jeremy did everything he could to kill a Toyota Hilux but it just wouldn't die.

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The Toyota Hilux - a pick-up that just wouldn't die. The Hilux survived trial by water, trial by Bristol, trial by caravan, and trial by fire. In the end, the Hilux earned its spot in the Top Gear studio.

6. The time the trio decided to build a hovercraft out of a Ford Transit and travel down the River Avon.

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Clarkson, Hammond, and May ended up knocking a man into the water, hitting a few boats, and ruining a riverside lunch in their Ford Transit hover-van that could only hold 2 gallons of fuel.

7. This challenge from Series 19, when Jeremy built the P45 and took it for a terrifying dual carriageway test.

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The P45 saw a lot during its short time: it hit up a shopping centre and the British Library, attended a performance of We Will Rock You, and was presented to the 'Dragons' of Dragon's Den after a ride through a car wash.

8. The Amphibious Car Challenge II, when the boys took their attempt to build amphibious cars to the next level with a bid to cross the English Channel.

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It took three days for the trio to complete this challenge with only Clarkson's Nissan ending up on the shores of France. Although the hosts didn't beat Richard Branson's record for crossing the Channel they definitely left a lasting impression on all of us.

9. When Jeremy took the Peel P50 to work at the BBC and made a brief appearance on BBC News 24.

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The smallest car, in the world is, driven around the most complicated building . . . in the world.

10. Supermarket Sweep - when the team saw who could get around the aisles of a supermarket the quickest in their hatchbacks.

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Do they take a second of added time for every pound of damage or risk it all to be the fastest? May's sensibility paid off in this case while Hammond turned things . . . upside down.

11. When the V8 engine was used to power things other than cars.

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In hindsight, it's not really a feasible idea but it ended better than the V8 rocking chair. The V8 beef, Bovril, and brick smoothie with just a dash of Tabasco coming to a store near you.

12. When the Top Gear team attempted to power slide lorries and drive valuables around a race circuit.

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Note to self: do not hire the Top Gear hosts to deliver a wedding cake, a car, or a load of hay contained within a trailer housing an electric fire at the opposite end.

13. All that needs to be said for this one is that it involves a Reliant Robin.

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Jeremy took the sport of rolling Reliant Robins to an entirely new level and made another brief, albeit memorable, appearance on a BBC news channel.

14. When Jeremy took notes from Pimp My Ride and quainted his Mercedes S280.

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A wood-burning stove, wingback chairs, and very adjustable seating made for a relatively unsafe Mercedes. You may suffocate or flip over while driving but you'll always remember Anne Hathaway's cottage.

15. The infamous lap that gave Gambon its name.

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The lap that will live in infamy. Michael Gambon nearly succeeded in doing the impossible when he took the last corner of the Top Gear test track and nearly rolled the Suzuki Liana but he did walk away with a corner named in his honor.

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