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Top 10 Most Relatable Stages Of Online Shopping

For those who don't like driving to the mall, circling around to find parking, and waiting in long lines. How many of these can you relate to? Also, reading other customer's feedback on a product is the best way you can ensure it actually works!

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1. Scrolling endlessly until you find something you like

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Ahh yes, scrolling for what seems like miles! Work those index fingers. Of course this also includes flipping through various pages and getting lost in all your open tabs.

2. Adding more things to your shopping cart than you actually need or are willing to purchase


When you come across some great deals you simply can't resist! Plus there's so much to choose from, where do you start? And why is clicking the "Add to Cart" button so satisfying?

3. Realizing you are just a few dollars away for qualifying for free shipping and that taxes don’t count


Shipping is how much?!?! You've got to be kidding me!! You might as well treat yourself again if you're forced to pay that much extra. Plus you totally deserve another treat, shopping is hard work!

4. So you go back to scrolling to find something else to add to your order


You realize there's so much you could get again and can't resist to treat yourself...again.. plus nobody likes paying for shipping.

5. Entering all your credit card information and asking yourself: “Do I really need this?” (And of course you convince yourself that “Yes, yes you do need this)


Online shopping doesn’t seem as fun when you get to the checkout page and realize your grand total!

6. Order Confirmation – Congratulations, you’ve committed! Turning back would be a hassle, so you might as well celebrate!


And of course there’s no way you’ll ship it back because then you'll have to pay for shipping...

7. Tracking your order - Even though you know there’s no way it’s been shipped since you just purchased it but you check anyway


*refreshes page* .... maybe they've packaged it at least?

8. Realizing that weekends don’t count as business days so you track again


Seriously?!?! 5 business days is like a full week. This is so misleading...

9. Waiting for the mail man…. Like hello? It should have arrived by now!!

When you open the mail box and its just full of random store flyers... and you consider if the term "snail mail" applies to online shopping.

10. Arrival – The anticipation of “Do I love it? Does it fit?”


There’s nothing more exciting than cutting open that box and digging through all the packaging material. You’re never too old to pop some bubble wrap.

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