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13 Reasons Online Courses Are Actually The Absolute Best

*Never leaves apartment.... perfect attendance.* Online courses at Ashford University are the best way to incorporate school into your life. The education you deserve has never been more accessible.

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1. No longer are the days where that ONE class you need is ONLY available at a time and day that clashes with your schedule!

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2. Ah! The simple joys of not having to commute to class. / Via

Daily rage level: at record lows.

3. You will never have to ask, "Excuse me, do you know where [BUILDING][ROOM #] is?" ever again.

4. The replay button is a gift from above.

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5. You can pick up some knowledge when you're picking the kids up from school!

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6. No need to embarrassingly sleep during class — the glorious pause button is right there!

7. Since you're schooling from home, you can spend more time with the kids and do homework together!

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8. Having to use the restroom midway through class doesn't mean missing vital info for the quiz.

9. Finished everything on the to-do list at work? Let's squeeze in a quick study session!

10. You can take your exams anywhere!

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11. You don't have THAT one classmate sitting next to you always asking what you got on the last quiz or test.

12. 100% on class participation... without raising my hand.

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13. And finally: you can take classes with your favorite study buddy.

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When education becomes accessible, anything is possible.

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