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26 Things You Should NEVER Say To Your Boss

Talking with your boss can sometimes feel like navigating a minefield, but good manners should always be present in the workplace. Keep these quicks tip handy when speaking with your superiors and make sure to keep these "no no" phrases out of your vocabulary!

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3. see you later in the parking lot boss, I'm going to kill you there

6. when I take a shit I imagine the shit is you and when I flush it I give it double middle fingers

10. when I drive to work I pray that a truck driver dozes off and rear ends me, sending the headrest of my carseat directly into the back of my neck, paralyzing me instantly. Then I won't have to come work for you, the boss I hate

12. Is it ok if this project waits until Tuesday, my daughter has a soccer game

13. [when your boss walks in the office] Is the circus in town? Because it seems that a clown ass bitch has just walked into the office. I'm talking about you boss

16. I'll be in your office around 2:00 PM to karate chop the shit out of you, see you later boss

18. i have broken the law and paid an assassin $40,000 to perform the illegal crime of murdering you boss

21. theres a bear loose in your office and he’s got one of your kids boss

24. give me $1 million dollars or I’ll drive my car right into your office, obliterating you completely

25. hey boss, I'm buying a butterfly knife online and when it arrives through the fedex courier company I’ll be using it to kill you

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