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I Am 26 And I Can't Afford A Mortgage

Spaced is still relevant ten years on.

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One of my favourite sitcoms of all time is ‘Spaced’. It continues to make me laugh, even having watched it a billion times. On top of this it has everything that appeals to me, late 90s and early 2000’s pop culture, a cracking soundtrack, flawless editing and directing and a script that is full to the brim with quick and witty dialogue. And let’s not forget the perfect delivery by the cast of actors and comedians.

I have always been a hardcore film, music and game geek. As such, I spent a great deal of time and still do watching old movies and playing retro games, as well as brand new ones. This means that even the jokes and references to culture before my time, I still get due to my parents’ education in classic movies and music albums.

It is only more recently however that I have begun to understand another aspect of the hit sitcom. The social and economic angle. When I watched it several years ago, I was at college and living at home. The characters in ‘Spaced’ are a little older, having graduated university and living in a shared flat. Now seven years on, I am living with my fiancé and her sister.

I have lived in a handful of shared houses, each with their own interesting individuals and now know the torment of trying to write for a living, whilst simultaneously working in a dead -end job. My fiancé, being a piercing artist with an interest in graphic design is in the same conundrum. We even did the exact thing they did in the first episode and pretended to be a professional couple to move in to our second house.

Whether or not it is because of the type of people we are or simply the fact that the majority of young people trying to make ends meat are being screwed over by the Government. Perhaps even both. Either way, it still remains highly relatable and more poignant, the older I get.

I guess it is a mixture of things. On the one hand, the minimum wage does not fall in line with the costs of food and living. This leaves most twenty somethings working forty-hour jobs (usually on a zero-hour contract), living in rented accommodation with an overdraft. Because even if you work more you end up getting taxed more. And where are the taxes going? NHS and education are being cut, so too are the emergency services. And don’t even get me started on Brexit.

Political rambling aside, the transition of early twenty-year-old to late twenty-year-old is a bigger leap in my mind then from teenager. University done, I am no longer interested in going out on the booze. My idea of a perfect night, is sitting at home playing on my PS4 or sitting down with a board game, cradling a cup of tea. This is what ‘Spaced’ delivers time and time again. The jokes are still funny, the pop culture still fresh enough if you were born in the 90s and the comments on life as a twenty something in a socio-economic crisis still ring true if not more so, as time goes on.

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