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    21 Ways To Up Your "Game Of Thrones" Finale Party

    We must prepare for the long winter ahead. Why not get a head start on your finale party?

    So the finale is a month away...

    But it's okay! I have a plan.

    We are going to party.

    Here's what you'll need:

    1. A kickass invite

    2. A fitting doormat

    3. Daenerys-worthy dinner

    4. A witty menu

    5. Ned Stark cake pops

    6. House sigil pint glasses

    7. Themed drinks!

    8. A royal costume

    9. Don't forget a costume for your best friend!

    10. Background music

    11. Dragon egg cookies

    12. A Game of Thrones game

    13. Wax seal coasters

    14. Party favors!

    15. LOTS of candles

    16. A vinyl decal for your "throne"

    17. Hand of the King pin

    18. Antler candelabra

    19. Joffrey poster

    20. Lemon cakes!

    21. A life size Iron Throne

    You've got this.