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Easy Upgrades That Will Get Your Barbecue Sizzling

Don't let your barbecue fizzle out. Use these upgrades, put together by Asda, to really get your party started. Want to make your barbecue go with a bang? Check out their American style barbecue range.

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2. Here's a nifty trick for stocking your fridge / Via

The only thing worse than a warm beer is having to empty all your food out of your fridge so that there's enough room for everyone's drinks. Luckily, if you invest in a bulldog clip you'll never have to do this.

7. Woodchips + foil = a DIY smoker / Via

Soak your woodchips in water for an hour. Put the damp chips in the foil and wrap. Stab the pack with a fork to make air holes. Put the whole packet on the barbecue and your food will be infused with a woody, smokey flavour. Try soaking in apple juice or vinegar for alternate flavours.

9. Grill bacon for the survivors

Helen Penjam/Flickr/(CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: hile

There's nothing better than a midnight bacon sandwich. Put some foil (or a pan if you're not doing the washing up) over the cooling coals and throw the bacon on top. Rinse the bacon under the cold tap first: it reduces shrinkage by 50%.

16. Save your bottles to help with the clean-up

Buzzfeed / Via

You're not going to stop the party halfway through to take the rubbish out, so use half a plastic bottle to seal your bin bags when you're cleaning up. This will stop any nasty smells from escaping, or creatures from nabbing your leftovers.

17. Make an ice lolly drip catcher with a paper cup / Via

There's nothing nicer than an ice lolly on a hot day. However, there's nothing worse than it dripping and everyone having sticky fingers. Luckily, a modified paper cup can be used to catch the drips.

A cupcake wrapper or a yogurt pot would work just as well.

18. Make magical instant slushie drinks / Via

Pour some orange juice in to a plastic bag, push out all the air. Put the bag in a bigger bag filled with ice and salt. Salt makes ice colder, so the juice will freeze almost instantly. Squeeze in to a glass.

NB: adults love these too

19. Get kids to eat their vegetables by turning them into little boats


Halve, hollow out and and barbecue grill your vegetable (peppers work really well), then fill with a dip. Top off with a cheese, melon, lettuce or cucumber 'sail'.

Whatever your flavour, there’s something delicious waiting for you in ASDA’s American inspired barbecue range.

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