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21212 Has It's Demo Day

21212 Just had it's demo day

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Zona Universitaria helps students construct a “map of achievements” capturing all of their career goals in a structured plan they can follow and share with others to get help. Once we know where students want to go, we help them find educational and professional opportunities they might not otherwise known existed based on their goals and give them real world rewards once their achieve their goals.

ZeroPaper is focused on solving the problem of the small business owner who doesn’t have the time or skills to manage expenses and the clutter that is associated with running his business. They will aggregate expense data from the physical notes and invoices for businesses and organizing it in an easy to read format.

XJobs is a marketplace for freelance professionals to advertise their skills and find jobs posted by companies looking to outsource work and hire short term. The site provides a platform for bidding for jobs and securely managing the job.

On WeGoOut we suggest, specifically to you, the most popular events and places nearby and where your friends are going. We show you details about who is going but also who is already there and live photos from inside.

Site Sustentavel provides a way for ecommerce sites to demonstrate to their clients that they are environmentally conscious. It provides a seal on websites for companies who pay to plant enough trees to neutralize their carbon footprint. Given the amount of energy it takes to run servers and the large amount of public interest around the environment, this is the perfect way for websites to show customers their commitment to sustainability.

Fans depend on local producers to bring their favorite bands to play in their city, producers take too many risks producing concerts and artists don’t play as much as they want. Queremos is a single platform that will put together fans, producers and artists to crowdfund and promote concerts.

Easyaula is an online marketplace for offline classes. It is a social platform that connects people willing to share their skills with those interested in learning them. It features all types of classes, from academic tutoring to dance, music and professional development. The service is based on its reputation and recommendation systems as well as its payment platform.

Access Club facilitates a large variety of exclusive benefits and offers throughout different sectors of the market. They are continuing to find the best partners to give their members the best experiences possible.

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