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The Cheapest, Best Colleges

BuzzFeed crunched the numbers — check out our matrix to find out which colleges provide the best bang for your buck. See where graduates get the highest-paying jobs for the smallest investment in tuition.

Jacqueline Yue • 5 years ago

America's Sexiest States

BuzzFeed ranked states by how often people there have sex (practical sexiness) and how sexy they are (superficial sexiness). Could be a good reason to move — or at least take a vacation.

Jacqueline Yue • 6 years ago

America's Top 25 Colleges: Students Vs. Critics

RateMyProfessors recently released its annual lists ranking the nation's top universities and professors. The data is based entirely on students' input. See the list of the site's top 25 universities.

Arun Mikkilineni • 6 years ago

9 Political Views We Can Deduce From Your Drinking Habits

Republicans are lightweights and Democrats drink wine. See what else SurveyMonkey helped us dig up through a survey regarding people's drinking habits and their stances on various political issues.

Arun Mikkilineni • 6 years ago

The Definitive Dating Chart Of All Hollywood Jennifers

A lot of spit swapping around here!

Jake Levy • 6 years ago

The Most Academically And Athletically Dominant Colleges In America

The results are in: These schools combine excellent athletics with high academic standards.

Arun Mikkilineni • 6 years ago

How The Average American Has Changed From The Sixties To Today

Americans today spend more time in front of the TV, in the car, and smoking weed.

Arun Mikkilineni • 6 years ago

Why You Still Feel Like Crap

Every drug has side effects — take enough of them, and you're back where you started.

Anna North • 6 years ago

How To Get Fat Without Spending Any Money

Find out which foods pack the most calories per dollar. Hint: They're not always what you'd think.

Arun Mikkilineni • 6 years ago