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Top Foodie Influencers and how they’ve change the food industry in Miami

“Foodie Influencers” constantly Instagramming what they eat and where they eat it, have changed how the food industry works.

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Food has always been a social gathering where people come together, sharing special moments and experiences. However, the rise of the internet and boom of social media has made changes in our lives, especially how we see food.

According to the Insider, Millennials go out for dinner more than any other previous generation. They not only use social media platforms, like Instagram, for photo-sharing their experiences with friends, but social media is a key element that affects millennials choice on deciding where to dine and what to order.


Results of a survey from the Journal of Consumer Marketing stated that food photography has gotten to another level, where taking a picture of our dish before we start eating can make the food exceed our expectations and makes us believe it tastes better.

“Foodie Influencers”, mostly found on visual platforms such as Instagram, have transformed the way millennials decide where to eat and what to order. With #foodporn photography, foodie influencers are constantly inducing social media users’ eating choices. They keep users up to date with restaurant’s new menu items, latest new restaurant openings and trendy culinary treats, encouraging and persuading foodie followers to treat themselves ASAP. Chef Anthony Walsh of Olivier & Bonacini at Wired Magazine, “Before you had to go to a restaurant to see and taste a dish. Now you can see dishes, how they make it.”

The big players and Top Foodie Influencers in Miami you should be following are @Miami_FoodPorn, @TheHungryPost, @MiamiFoodPug, @ChatChowTV, @TheNaughtyFork, @SucculentBite, @MiamiTimes, and @BestFoodMiami.

Micro Influencers are also on the rise, especially in 2018. The Top Micro foodie influencers in Miami to follow right now are @MiaBites, @FoodsofMia, and @TheFoode who are rapidly becoming well known in the Miami scene. As Sidney Pierucci confirms in his article “Why Micro-Influencer Marketing is “The Game in 2018”; “Micro Influencers are personally invested in their crafts, micro influencers are trusted sources of recommendations for followers”.

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