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Apr 2013
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    artyl commented on Please, I'm Begging You, Tell Us Why You Like The Chainsmokers

    I think I like them because they're creating music that is evolving with our modern era. They often use transitions and drops that blend effortlessly, the kind of music some douche hipster would kind of bobble to at a party. The real question, though, is why in the hell do people… 


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    artyl commented on What Do You Think Is The Shittiest Thing Harry Potter Ever Did?

    Honestly, I wouldn't expect anything less from someone who from baby age to a twelve-year-old boy was stuck in an abused family that kept him under the cupboards and treated him like a servant boy who was useless. ANYONE would develop a narcissistic personality disorder after living… 


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    artyl commented on What's The Most Annoying Thing That Happens In Every Teen Movie?

    When they blow high school relationships way out of proportion. Cliques are a thing, but they're usually filled with fairly diverse people... not just groups of jocks and nerds, and you can be an artist but still be on the track team or a social justice warrior who is also prom queen.… 


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