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A Ranking Of All The Holiday Rom-Coms I've Watched On Netflix

So all y'all can benefit from my couch potato procrastination habits this holiday season.

artsmart • One year ago

Top 10 Reasons To Join Wash U Mock Trial

The best organization at Wash U, obviously. Join this fall.

artsmart • 4 years ago

So You Were A Camp Counselor This Summer

You loved going to camp as kid, so you decided to go back. It's going to be just as fun, right? WRONG.

artsmart • 5 years ago

Steps Of A BuzzFeed Addiction

It started out small. A link from Facebook, a post or two, then BAM you're staying up into the wee hours of the morning reading articles on your smartphone.

artsmart • 5 years ago

You Know You're A College Tour Guide When...

We train. We study. And then the ultimate test: the parents.

artsmart • 5 years ago

15 Reasons Why New Hampshire Is Awesome

You know that state, up in New England, no, not the one with with Boston, the smaller one? We're pretty cool.

artsmart • 5 years ago