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10 Things You Can Do While Waiting For A.R.T. To Announce The 2017/18 Season

Beyoncé will probably give birth before we drop this mic.

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Theaters in the Boston community continue to announce their 17/18 seasons. But what about the American Repertory Theater?

We get it, you're waiting.

You're freaking out on Twitter.

Me waiting for @americanrep to announce their season:

@americanrep me waiting for you to announce the new season

We've even made enemies.

My relationship with @americanrep until they announce the 17-18 season

But lucky for you, we have some suggestions on what to do while you wait. And wait. And wait.

1. Bake some pies.


Sugar, butter, flour, don't let us down!

2. Bake some more pies.


You'll LOVETT.

3. Listen to "Let Me Be Your Star" on repeat.

Team Ivy? Team Karen? Nobody cares anymore.

4. Spread a little sunshine.

When you help others, you're really helping yourself.
Evan Bradford

When you help others, you're really helping yourself.

5. Dance on top of a table.

And keep CZECHing back periodically for news.
Evan Bradford

And keep CZECHing back periodically for news.

6. Rewatch the 2013 Tony Awards opening number.


Neil Patrick Harris IS an icon.

7. Spend your money on women and wine.


(Save some for our season.)

8. Change your major.


Joan, Joan, Joan, Joan...

9. Cry whenever Cynthia Erivo opens her mouth.



10. Literally go see ANY of A.R.T's current productions playing (and there are many).

Waitress. The Great Comet. Finding Neverland. The Glass Menagerie. Sleep No More. The Donkey Show. Once. Pippin. All the Way (on HBO). Arrabal (*cough* May 12 - June 18).

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