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    10 Things I Overheard At The Night Before Our Stars

    On June 5th, there was an advanced screening of The Fault in Our Stars called The Night Before Our Stars. It was a simulcast of the movie across the United States, followed by performances from Birdy and Nat & Alex Wolff and a live Q&A with the cast and crew. I decided to go and to sum it all up, this is what I heard...

    1. "Are they real? These signatures can't be real!"

    Obviously! Did you really think they would sit down and sign 500+ posters? HA! No.

    2. "Was that thunder in the movie or outside?"

    I don't know... It's sunny in the movie, so what do you think?

    3. "Fuck you, John Green!"


    He's the author of The Fault in Our Stars and I can't argue with that one.

    4. "WTF is Alton Brown doing here?"


    He's usually on Food Network, so it's pretty odd seeing him host an event for sobbing teenage girls.

    5. "Birdy's legs are perfection."


    In the middle of her performance, the camera decided that it wanted to randomly zoom in on her legs.

    6. "How can she play the piano with so many rings on?"


    She has superpowers.

    7. "Look! Shai is crying!"


    She later stated that Birdy's performance was really emotional.

    8. "Her Insurgent tattoo is showing."


    She's currently filming Insurgent which is expected in March 2015.

    9. "Puberty did justice for The Naked Brothers Band."


    They're totally dateable now.

    10. "I've been sitting for almost 4 hours and can't feel my butt."

    I'm sure that's how everyone felt.

    If you're planning on seeing the movie, bring tissues... LOTS OF TISSUES.

    Me (Arteen Afshar) after being emotionally damaged by John Green.

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