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    An Open Letter To Big Brother 17 Houseguest Steve Moses

    From everyone.

    Dear Steve,

    As I'm writing this right now, you're stuck inside a house with people that haven't realized just how amazing you are, but America has. While watching the live feeds, your kind heart and unique sense of humor haven't gone unnoticed. People like you don't come around that often, but sadly, some of your fellow houseguests don't know that. No human deserves to be treated the way they have been treating you. There have been several moments on the live feeds where we have had to sit and watch the horrible things that were unfolding right before our eyes, knowing that we currently couldn't do anything about it. Those had to have been some of the most gut wrenching moments in Big Brother history, which is why I'm writing this letter. Tonight is the night that one of your fellow houseguests, that's about to be evicted, told you inside the former hammock room what name they call you inside the house. I couldn't stay quiet any longer. I'm here to tell you that the cool kids never win. In Mean Girls, Regina George gets hit by a bus, in Carrie, they get murdered, and in Big Brother, they lose the money and are hated by America. Geek Squad McGee is not who you are, nor will it ever be. You're Steve Moses, the man with the heart of gold and infectious smile that makes my day every time I see it on the live feeds. You're the sweetest person in Big Brother history, and I should know, because I've watched every season. I'm hoping that you don't read this letter until September. With that being said, you have my vote for America's Favorite Player, and I know you have everyone else's vote as well. This is only the beginning for you ... go kill it.


    Arteen Afshar (a fan and a friend)

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