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19 Things That Happen When You Get Drunk For The First Time

At least your friends will take care of you. Be careful out there.

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1. You head out to the bar with your friends, super excited for a night out.

2. The alcohol starts flowing and everybody’s happy.


Shots all around!

3. But then things start to get a little crazy…

4. You start binge eating….

5. You’re offered more alcohol but you think you'd better not…

6. …but then you finally come to your senses.

7. Your friends keep telling you to drink more water.

8. And eventually they have to cut you off.

9. You insist you're fine…

10. …but clearly you're not.

11. Things are becoming a little confusing.

12. And you blurt out a few things that shock your friends.


13. Suddenly even the smallest things are terrifyingly shocking.


14. And you keep asking the same questions over and over again…

15. So finally you're friends take you home, and you crash as soon as you're in the car.

16. But they wake you up, and you become a little belligerent.

17. You may or may not puke a few times…

18. Your friends try to take you to your bed, but it’s not easy.

19. Eventually you wake up the next morning and want to die.

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